Sunday, April 21, 2013

Art Vibration - 89


It is a 3d Installation Presentation by me on Life  Enenrgy.

Artist always try to express his observation by form of art , it is a real duty of artist , in Indian Art Theory Bharat Muni wrote this kind of words  for artist  in his Natay Sastra and after Bharat Muni  Sir Ravindra Natha Thakur was expressed this kind of art definition about artist by his art work . here about this art definition  I can share  with  you lots of example for  your knowledge , in western art history we can see to artist   Jacque luic David , Leonardo da vinci , Maichelangelo , Rembrant , Pablo Picaso , Sarwador Dali  and much examples are  register  there for our study of art definition .

As a art student I were read that all kind of art definition by  my education and then I were started live observation from here and there . after observation I were expressed to that observation from Myself in form of art. That art form was painting, drawing, sculpture ,Graphic , Digital Graphic  and Installation  art.
All kind of art want true observation of a true artist.  It is very must for true art creation , but creation is a second stage of observation and that is come out in any kind of form but that art form creation base is only observation . you can say to it it’s a basic logic of a true art .

 I am saying it because I did work  with this logic of art and I am doing it continue  in this art life because I know it is very must  for a true art  . In this chain of myself observation  I were done some work on logic of real life and I were observed , life like a thread that is  connect  to  universal energy ( Super Power )  and that energy is in form of kite because kite is moving and fling  in sky , kite is going up and up ,far to earth and that’s pulling to thread of life or that thread is connect to our earth . in sky we can see different kind of kites and that’s color that same condition  we can see in thread roll ( CHARKHI ) that is  symbols of different types  Life.

This Kind of Observation was inspired  to me for express to it , as a art student I were started  work on this observation and then I draw a sketch on paper by pencil , I were converting to  my observation in line form but I were thought about a 3D form . In that drawing I were draw very first the shape of pyramid  because I have read  in  my art history  civil culture was started before 3000 year of BC , there  that social civil culture was knew the real super power or energy of this universe . In Pyramid they were designed to that magnetic power condition because they have been observed  to base of life , so that pyramid was base of  my drawing , after pyramid drawing I were draw a glob form that was symbol of  our earth . on that earth drawing I were draw some thread roll in fixed condition and I were show  thread is  going upside because universe power is pulling to that thread from thread rolls and that is mixing in universal power . that’s thread converting in invisible form into  visibility .  it is fact of life on this earth so I did draw that life observation for 3D art form .

Dr. Amitabh bachchan is still with Colorful
 kites  and  thread in this subject of  life observation .
Here after observation and that’s sketch I were taken next step for 3D form of that observation . first I were created a one fit height wood ply pyramid form and painted that  by red color  ( red is a base of energy) after pyramid 3D object creation I were created  a 3D boll by fiber casting work , I were painted to that sky blue color. then I were buy some thread roll ( Charkhi )  and I did fixed that thread roll in that fiber boll , or on white thread I were filled different kind of color just like different kind of life nature because everyone have different color and shade in his personal life. In last I were pasteed all thread of thread rolls in sky side that was showing step by step or day by day our life energy is going out from our body and that is   mixing in this universe power .

 Finally I were expressed very truly my observation in 3D Art form as a art Student ,in my art education time at Rajasthan School of Art . There  I were  Expressed   to life by form of  art.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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