Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 92


Myself Drawing On Historical Ceramic tiles of My home. 
My home kitchen was got new look by new construction work . in that movement worker throughout some tiles  in dust been that was not damaged and that’s color was white and thats  size was 5X5 Inches . I saw that tiles and I were felt it can use again   for other work.  It is not for dust been , so I were collected  that 15th tile from dust been  , that tiles condition was well for use about  art work .

 When I were collecting that tiles in that movement construction worker were asked  to me what  you will do with this tiles?   It is not useful for our work. I said yes its right it is not useful for our construction work but it will useful for my art sound , they were asked me again how to  you will use it . then I told  to them I will give  you answer with  some work with this tiles . so wait  for some days.

I were came in my studio with that 15th tiles that was ceramic tiles glossy tiles . I saw some cracks line was came on that tile but tile was not broken . I were washed to that tile  and then I got some more whiteness on that tiles .

After washing work on that tile  I were picked a permanent black marker pen in  my right hand , I were selected  one white tile and then I draw a drawing of myself concept , that drawing black line was giving me confidence  for more drawing because that marker pen was running very smoothly on that glossy tile of ceramic .

First I were draw a one tile and then shared  with  my home construction worker team , they were  felt surprised by me because after drawing that tile was not only a tile that was converted in a form of art work . that was  my live answer to construction team  with art action on that useless  tile. They were accepted to that tile as a art work . ha

Step by step I were draw to all 15th tiles and I were created two composition from that useless tiles , in one composition I were joined nine tiles and in second I were joined only four tiles and two tile I were draw single tile composition . In a one week  I were created 15th art work  on that useless tiles and after that creation I were cared to that historical old ceramic tiles , because  my Grandmother was buy that tiles  for her kitchen so how to I can leaved that historical tiles in dust been after rejection of new construction planning .

I were done true art exercise with that tile or that’s conservation ,this types  of art work and use of useless elements , I saw in Rock Garden of city Chandigarh , INDIA.

Registration of Myself  Journey on  useless ceramic tiles 
After convert in art form that tile was not only tile that was my art work ,or as a art work I were shared that work with world art family by my online network , I got lots of compliments and comments on that art work , so  you can say that tile was conserving by me  for our world art and today our world Art family have visited that useless tile in form of  creative art work .

I know that tile work was came in mid of  my art work journey so my some art movement  of myself art journey i have registered  on that useless tile  and I did used that  for  my useful art journey , this kind of activity  is in my art nature . on this blog  some posts I have shared  with  you about my this type art nature , for example work on news paper I did .

Today that tile is collection of  my art studio as a art work and here I have  share  with  you  that art work images  for  your visit with this post , I hope  you will like to this conservation work in form of ceramic tile paintings . I sure you will accept my talk about  useless tiles convert in art work by me .  

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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