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Art Vibration - 87


Artist of  Bikaner Naveen Swami is busy in his painting  of self expression at yogendra-art And Designing  Studio Bikaner, 2008 

Really I were pulled art sound of  my city artists , it was year 2008, I were came Bikaner from Jaipur  and here I saw some art masters and some art students of BFA were wanted  to express his self inner art sound by the way of art . But how to they do it they were not searching  or may be they were  not  in confidence about that art expression , I were felt it when I were talking to them  time to time in that time . 

Finally one day I were met to all youth artist of my city and I did talked about a art workshop for painting work , then all were asked to me how to it will possible  then I told to all I will manage  it for  you , I have some oil color  and I will buy some oil sheets for oil painting , it can possible when  you will show your interest  in painting workshop . some one were happy and some one not but I did fixed a date  for painting workshop and invited  to all youth artists of my city  .

Myself And Artist Naveen swami is Busy in oil painting at art workshop 
Kind  your information  in that time  my Photography studio was  on  for market work . so I did saved  some money  for art workshop from my studio  job work Income. That was  my contribution  to art family  for art promotion  and I am happy if I have done that  for our visual art .

I were organized that art workshop for three days and invited to only youth painters of my city and I were happy because 10 youth artist were participated  in that art workshop , I were organized  that art workshop in banner of My Art Studio and that workshop  I were presented by “Yogendra Art Club”   .

In that three day I were give full respect and full freedom to all youth artists and I did fixed  one time food and two time  tea that was art workshop menu  for artists .in  three days of that art workshop I saw the interest of all artists for  his art work and step by step I were pulling to art sound from artists by his art work creation . every artist  were created one painting in oil color on oil sheet . Oil sheet is a easy way for art expression  so I did selected  that  art paper for our art workshop .

Artist Anurag Swami and Namami shankr  Achary is busy in painting  work
for yogendra-art club  art workshop.
I saw all artist came on time  for work at studio and they were enjoying to painting  with full freedom . in three days they were created a true art environment by painting work or by art discussion . that art discussion  was a very important part of our workshop , all youth artists were expressed  his inner sound and art vision  in words . that was great movement or success of our art workshop.

Here Participated artists name I want to share  with  you  for  your knowledge ,  Mr. Mukesh Paliwal  ( Handicapped  ), Mr. Shiv Kumar Swami, Mr. Anurag Swami ,  Mr. Mukesh Joshi ,Mr.Rakesh Kiradu , Dr. Mohan Lal Dudi , Dr. Namami Shnakar  Achary , Mr. Shyam Sundar Suthar , Mr, Navin Swami  and myself .

Artist  Mukesh Joshi,Shyam Sundar Suthar , Dr. Mohan Lal Dudi ,Shiv
Kumar Swani , Rakesh Kiradu and Dr. Namami Shankar Achary  busy in
self expression by oil painting  work at yogendra art and Designing Studio.
In work of that art workshop I saw very different kind of vision of all artist , some one worked as a traditional  artist  some one worked as a realistic artist or some one worked as a conceptual  artist .  so I did  noticed  in our art workshop  two artist were working  in traditional  art four artists were  working in realistic  art and four artist  were working in conceptual art or in abstraction  form . as a documentation  I were shoot to all  art works  and that art work  process that was interesting and creative  business  for me because my city youth artists were  trying to express his  inner art  sound  on art space with full freedom  of art and time .

I were felt happy when some Art Students  were visited  that art workshop at My studio  and they were talked  to all youth artists of my city about art and art education . some students  were created  drawing and painting  for us that was art income of our art workshop . we could connected  to some more art student from that art activity .

On closing day of our art workshop  all youth artists were told me why this art workshop for three days ? then I told to them my pocket is not permit to me for more days, but  I want it always ,time have designed it about us   for three days, but we can try in future and after some time  I did created some more art activity or workshop by other mediums of art. because it is in my art nature .ha .

  I were gave certificates to all participated youth artists from  my studio that was just a true records for art memory . I could not pay any kind of amount  to youth artists for his art energy  but in three days I were generated art energy  by concept of art workshop in all youth artists of our  art workshop , we were enjoyed  to work , art talked and food too,  because  my mother was cooked very tasty food for us and that all visuals compassion of our workshop  was looking like film " Rang De Basanti " , I got this title  from our workshop artists.

Over All in three days Art Activity of myself was got very successful stage  in form of art workshop and by our  workshop I did pulled art sound of youth artist of  my city .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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