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Art Vibration - 83


My First Oil Pinting  In  form of   Landscape of  Shimla 

In our Summer holiday vacation  I were went to hill station for some refreshment  of mind  with  my family . That holiday vacation was gave me much more for  my live  ART study or observation . Hill station is very perfect for a creative person because there environment is very peaceful and natural and art want it very first to Artist and this kind  of environment is giving inspiration for creativity to a creative  person. So that Hill station visit was very meaning full for myself Art Study.

We went to Shimla by mini train from  Station Kalka to Shimla  .i were noticed  lots of caves and that’s rail track was very challenging action by western developer .really they were created a wonder of rail track  on hill station . that was grate . I saw lots of landscape with different kind of views and that’s green environment or cold air always pulling to your vision in peace and love about nature.

There We were Stayed in Shimla  for three days and in three days  I were walked on street of Shimla with My camera , that was still roll film camera cosina.  I were used 400 ISO film roll for  my photography work , kind  your information  in our home we have a big briefcase of photography album . when you will start to visit then  you passed  your 4 hour without any brake . we have  noticed many time when our family relatives were visited that albums ..it mean I have done lots of work in photography from my Schooling time  .

But That year I was  not busy in only Photography there I were observing to nature and that’s different kind of visuals  .that was live capturing work from my eyes and that’s visual was registered  directly in  my memory data of Mind . you can say that was  my art work as a visual artist . I was in foundation  year of  B.F.A Painting class.  in that tour I were felt  all time  shortage  of time . because my family were lived busy in side seen visit  and myself was busy in study of landscape  of that natural city Shimla . That Short time of our tour was a live test of my art observation or a hard exercise about  my art Observation study.

In  that case of limited  time I were used  my creative  mind  and silently I were shoot some visuals of Shimla and that’s landscape , I were not told  to my family for this extra art work because we have there very limited film roll storage so without inform to family I were shoot some landscape and I did cut myself  picture from our family photography  project . because I were converted  my pictures roll in landscape photography work .That was  my management work  for  my art or  family tour.

In that tour one day  we were went to our national helipade of Shimla  that is on  highest height . That Helipade  is a national Helipade of our nation  INDIA .there my family was busy in visit to that helipade and that’s height  but I was busy there in visit or observe to natural landscape from that highest point  of Shimla . there I were shoot some visuals that  visual was visualizing in a one color tone that was sky blue . In that time I have  been  cleared  my Tow year  NCC Air Wing in schooling  time  and that helipade was in under of Our national air wing force  so I were felt there very confident in myself . I were feeling its  my place because I was in Air Wing NCC. Ha

There I were shoot some  pictures  and I did shoot two picture from a same place for  landscape I did wanted  to covered and captured to that wide angle in a one picture frame but that was not coming in a one frame and there I were not had any stand or etc. so I were shoot two picture frame  from a one point and captured to that wide  landscape with myself consciousness  or on risk . That was my live practical photography test .

After Three day hill station stay or seven days  holiday tour , we were came back at home and I were got myself busy in printing for that photography  work of our tour . here In Bikaner  Archana Color Lab was gave me good result by photo prints.

The  Real Story is start to here ….

This kind of visual i were captured from Helipade of Shimla ,
this picture from Google  Image  for  your visit as a example .
When I got fine print from photo lab I saw  first  my landscape photography result and I felt very happy when I saw  to that wide  landscape photo of  Shimla helipade , when I were joined to that two pictures . then I got a perfect wide landscape view . that was  my first picture capturing success . I were came in confidence about  my art study or for photography , I did noticed how to I can shoot two picture for a one frame   without any vibration or move . I were thought  how  to I could done it ? Then I were  found Answer from  myself . I were in Air Wing NCC. So  I was handled to camera  Like Gun because in Air Wing NCC  I  was in  top shooter rank . and In Shimla that platform  of my Photography  was helipade of  Air wing  force so it was plus  point  for  my confidential  art photography , I were shoot photograph  just like a gun man of Air wing Force on that helipade of Shimla  . when I am shooting photograph in that motion a gun man come in myself naturally for perfect shoot , because  In Army they are giving  very limited bullets to gun man for perfect target  and they want to gun man perfect result  . In Air Wing NCC  I were completed  perfectly  gun shooting test that shooting knowledge and practice is giving me confidence when I handle to Photography camera  and that’s result I am getting  perfect visuals  by  my  picture capturing work . any way .

After one week of our tour I were went to market and I did buy first time oil color that was student oil color of Camlin  LTD.PVT.  and I were buy first time a canvas in size 12 X 15 inches .Kind  your information that canvas also product of Camlin PVT. LTD.  There   to  my oil painting  journey was started .

I were draw that wide landscape  on canvas by charcoal and then started painting in oil color.  It was  my live practical for oil color Painting  study , in our art education I were read oil color process is very negative its start to dark and its get complete to light color .  so I did followed to Academic  rule  for oil color painting . first I painted dark blue And then light blue or more light  blue and on last stage light sky blue color .in depth of that landscape I saw sky and land was mixed by fog environment so I did painted that same look because that  look was in  my memory image  with same color and shads . over all in two days I were painted that wide landscape  of Shimla on canvas through  oil color .

Today that painting is exhibit  in  my studio wall . this painting was gave me lots of  process of art Study  by many kind of art exercise for perfection of  that landscape . in that painting process I were done many exercises first I were observed . second still photography without Vibration , transformation of photograph on canvas by drawing and in final stage oil color painting to that landscape observation with that’s right impression  or look .

 That landscape painting was a complete art journey  for  me and in that journey I was alone with  my limited vision or limited  time of our holiday tour .  but my creative inner sound was supported to me then I could  registered that’s first impression of Shimla  In my very  first oil painting .  because that landscape impression was impressed or inspired to  me  for that registration  in form of visual art . so I did  converted that  Natural view  in art  form by my art exercise.

Today that Art Form I mean landscape painting  is on  my studio wall and here in studio  I can visualize that natural impression of Shimla  every day . when I visit to that landscape oil painting or I am remember to that natural landscape view , when I was in Shimla .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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