Monday, April 15, 2013

Art Vibration - 85


Invitation of International  Art Exhibition of Ramo D oro , Italy  2013.
Last week I were received a mail  from Italy . That mail I were received  from art Museum Ramo D Oro, Napoli ,Italy.  It’s a none  profit art Society  for art communication to  world art family . I were read in that mail a art news about art exhibition of pencil work . Kind  your information  I have connected  to RAMO D ORO  to year 2008  and I can say I found a artist friend of Italy by my simple pencil work  .so you can say it   , its   importance of pencil in art of Italy  . Because  by pencil work I found a artist friend very first from Italy and with his  Art Society Ramo D Oro , Napoli  ( that’s work is communication of art to world Art family ) .

Kind  your information  Ramo D Oro a very strong contemporary  social art Society of Italy  and that’s team were giving  me continue  different kind of  international art exhibitions to  last  four years .When I read  to mail of Ramo d Oro  Art Society  , in that mail I noticed  they are  exhibiting  to only pencil work   ( Drawing ) in this art exhibition  or they were gave   title  “ well – tempered pencils “  to that exhibition.  In this art exhibition 35  International artists  will participate  and in that artists  participation  my work will exhibit by  Ramo D Oro Italy . 

So I were felt happy and then reply to Owner of Ramo d Oro , I  were  wrote to  Artist Vincenzo Montella  a very first thanks for  my pencil art work selection about his next upcoming art exhibition and then I were informed  to him  I will share this art news + invitation to our world art family. I were done that by me in two days  for true art friendship between me or Ramo D oro. Because we both are working  for world Art communication about Love And peace .That Art news Sharing  work was like a team member work  and  you can say to that,  that was a work  for true art promoter .

I were shared  that invitation on facebook,twitter, linkedin, tumblr or by this online networks  I did shared  with world media , or presidents of some art promoter countries of our world . it was  my art duty  for true art work of our world ( that art work will exhibit by a world art communication  worker Ramo D Oro .  Italy ) .I liked that concept of art exhibition  “ pencil work display ” , pencil was a very strong tool of Art Maestro Leonardo da vinci  or Michelangelo and they both great Art Maestro was worked in Rome ,or in  Italy  in his art life .

Today in contemporary time Italy and that’s art society were selected  my pencil drawing  for art exhibition. it was a great feeling  for me  and I noticed again the importance of pencil  in art of  Italy . They know  the artist work power and artist language by his pencil marks on paper . it is a masters test  by visual art masters of Italy . By luck I got pass marks  in that art test by  my pencil works .  it is  making me happy and confident  about  my pencil work . so I am thankful for Ramo d Oro  and that’s strong art team.

Exhibited my  pencil Art Work in International  art exhibition of  Ramo D oro , Italy 2013  

Before this  exhibition opening,   I were received  a message from artist  vincezo Montella . in that message  he wrote to me . I am  ill or not fit for exhibition work so I have  post pond to art exhibition for some days . it was time test of Artist Vincenzo Montella or for Ramo D Oro.  But Team of  Artist  Vincnzo Montella  were exhibited to that world artists pencil works  by Ramo D Oro in  Italy . It was a great presentation by Ramo d Oro after pencil work of  great art maestro Leonardo Da vinci or Michelangelo  in Italy.

 I can say it,  because yesterday I were visited some visuals of Ramo d oro  and in that visuals I have visited  pencil work of contemporary world Artists by exhibition of Ramo D oro  , some strong drawing of Japan artist , some drawing  in form of study of human figures , some natural landscape  by other countries.   all work in drawing form by pencil or ink .  in that contemporary pencil work  exhibition of Italy  my one big size drawing  were signed  yogendra art from India by  pencil drawing language . so I noticed  importance of pencil in art of Italy .

They have been noticed  my pencil drawing sound in year 2008  and today they have exhibited That , in year 2013 th. Four year to continue they have visiting  me and my pencil art work because after 2008 to till today I am working in pencil  drawing language, today  you all  are knowing it very well because I have completed 950 drawing by penciland this drawing work is continue with my art journey   and  500 something  drawing works I have shared  on this blog post in past .

 Art Visitor  is visiting  my pencil drawing work in International Art
Exhibition of  Ramo D Oro , Italy 2013 
At Ramo D Oro they have my six drawing in collection and in that collection of  my work  , four drawing is in small size 8X 10 inches  and two in big size 24X28 Inches. That all drawing work I were created by pencil and ink .

After this exhibition I can visit  my art journey and that’s  sound is clicking  to  international artists and international art societies  too .  in that society  Ramo d oro is very first in  my view .because they know importance of pencil in art of Italy .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Vincenzo Montella said...

Thank for this review

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

Thanks To you Vincenzo Montella

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! So happy for you Yogendra x Hello Vincenzo!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, well done Yogendra!!! Hello Vincenzo!

Virve Karotam said...

WOW....SUPERB !!!!!!!!