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Art Vibration - 88



Complete Artist Food  , Installation  cum answer from myself  about Artist food . 

When i were busy in my art education in that time I were lived full time busy in design of  different kind of concept  for visual  art with complete logic . because logic is base of our  world .we are not living without logic and its example is , our life energy logic is food and food is available for us on this earth so  it’s a  Complete definition of  logic .ha

In master education  time i were lived full time busy in work of art in  my class room , in that time  I lived  two type Hunger condition  in myself and they both hunger condition of myself always creating tens for me, one hung of art creativity  and second  was stomach  Hung. My art sound told to me do work that was order of  my creativity hung  and stomach told me take stomach  food for  your art energy . how to i did managed i can’t explain that condition of  myself in words .but i  did faced  that  tuf condition and that condition is still with me  today because I am busy in art work  for our world Art,  today.

When that hunger tens was made much more presser of my mind then I were converted  that  unwanted  but natural presser  in form of art . I were not came out to that condition after converted in form of art . but I were understood the real hunger condition of artist . I were guided  to myself and thought  both hunger condition is natural with me I am not creating it its created by time with  my life energy. os I am busy in this art field . I told to myself , yogendra  you are a product of art and time have designed  this kind of creation nature in  you  for world  so you use  yourself as a machine of art , because this kind of machine is working on people hearts . A Machine want energy  without energy machine can’t work or without work production will not come out from machine , or without product art can’t change to social vision or peoples emotions condition ,  so its very  must  for  you ,  you live like a machine  and do update itself  by food energy or by conceptual vision energy . its  your duty because  you are art machine of our world Art family. I thought it . it is true .

it is a complete Energy  for me about art work 
One day I were eating food in Hotel Mohan restaurants , Indra market Street Jaipur ,that time I were eating complete food in one time mostly in evening time , in day time I were taking tea and some light NAMKIN  Item or biskuts . but when I were eating complete food in Thali with three boll of different kind of vegetables or Daal + Roti  then I were imagined three bolls of vegetables  like primary colors Red, yellow , blue, when I looking to Roll Roti OR Dosha  then I imagined to canvas roll or paper   roll  for work ,  To spoon , i were  looking like  color brushes  and knife was , knife tool  of painting  in  my imagination .

 There to I got a art concept or a complete self education for  my hunger condition of Mind or  stomach . and I were transfer that concept in form of a  Installation  art . I were buy one paper thali and three  paper balls and dray primary colors . I were filled dray color  in  that three balls  and then I did roll to a hand made paper sheet , I did picked two brushes and one knife tool of painting . after collection of all element of that art work concept. I were adjusted to all in a one paper thali and I were created  a form of art as a work of art . that’s title  I were gave “ ARTIST FOOD “ it was in installation form by art definition  but for me that was a clear self answer about  my tens question.  I were happy in tens movement because I got a right answer of  a Question from  myself and then I could  done art work with cool mind  in  my masters education .because I did knew about  artist food Very well .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of  Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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