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Art Vibration - 82


Repainted  wood Sculpture  of   God Gangour or God Ishar  by me Year 1993

I am remembering to my  first conservation work . that was year 1993 , one day I were came at home from My fine Art Class. then I saw  my mother was in tens for her god Sculpture Gangour or Ishar . That Sculpture is in wood and that’s  size is in  one fit height . Kind  your information  My mother is praying to that God Sculpture to her childhood age . so that sculpture is very important for  my mother.

When I asked  to my mother why  you upset ?  then she told me this god Sculptures color got fade so it look is not looking nice . Then I said don’t worry  Mother ,  you come out to  your tens . I will repaint   to  your God Sculpture , so give me this sculpture for repaint work . I will paint it like its natural look  and I sure  you will  like that natural look of this sculptures after  my repainting  work  .

My mother is very sensitive  so she was not wanted  to take any  risk about her god Sculpture  . that time I were noticed in her ,the real love about her god Sculpture , she is loving very much to her god Sculpture  just like a baby loving to her baby doll . it is true or its natural . because that sculpture is with my mother to her childhood age so a very strong relation was maintained with that sculpture by my mother.

Well  Conserved God Gangour  Sculpture by
 My Mother 
Here I want to share  that relation story and this kind of story is connected  to all girls of our nation or Mostly in Rajasthan  State of my INDIA .here unmarried girls are  pray to  God Gangour for Good Life partner Just Like  God Gangour Partner  God Ishar. Here girls are  pray seven day continue and that’s last stage is Gangour fair .this fair is last day for final pray  to Gangour  by unmarried  girls , in this seven days  Girls are  perform folk song and dance  in front of God Gangour   Sculpture , They Are Create folk painting ,They Are cooking traditional food for  God Gangour and on last day they are  celebrate to prayer by traditional  fair with enjoyment kind  your information in that fair boys are not permitted .ha . they are play holy to dry color in Gangour fair . it is a compulsory  for all unmarried girls  in our culture . My mother was followed  it and she was got a good life partner My father .

Here in this days the time of Gangour Festival .so all unmarried girls are  busy in her god prayer and in this case at   my home today I see again  to My repainted Sculpture of God Gangour And Ishar. So I am  remembering that days when I were repainted  to that sculpture by me  for  my mother happiness.

On the day of  repainting work of God Gangour Sculpture , I were collected  some money from my mother and went to Market  for buy to oil color or some brushes . that was a challenged for myself  about Sculpture Painting for same old look painting . I were  not sculpture painter but I were  student of painting . so I were ready  for that painting challenge . first  I were created skin color and painted  on that sculptures and after that ,step by step I were painted to eyes , eyebrow s ,lips and hands in traditional style of Gangour Sculpture painting . I could not painted 100%  like that’s old look but I could painted 80 % something  that was  my confidence result about painting work . ha

When I were exhibited that repainted wood Sculpture  in front of My Mother  eyes , then I saw a natural smile on her face that was my first  art income of this art journey.

After two days in a big prayer function of God Gangour . I saw my mother was dressed  or decorated   to that god Sculptures  very well  and exhibited  in  home for big prayer  . my all relatives were visiting  to that  god Sculpture  and telling to  my mother your God  GanGour and Ishar Sculptures are  looking very new and nice where  to you buy it ?  then my mother told to all its not new its repainted by my son . I saw  my conservation work was attracting to all viewers eyes by repainted wood sculpture work.

Well Conserved Sculpture of God Ishar by
My Mother .
Today 20th years have been passed and that repainted wood Sculpture of God Gangour and Ishar is in same look or condition by conservation  or caring work of My mother . because that God  Gangour Sculpute  were gave to My Mother a good partner   after  True Prayer and secondly i am son of my mother, was  painted  to that God Gangour  Sculpture so that sculpture is very important for  my Mother life and her conservation and caring nature is natural  for that wood Sculpture of God Gangour or Ishar .

I have shoot some pictures of that old conservation  wood sculpture repainting work of myself   for  your visit . I hope after visit it  you will accept  my talk , if I were conserved to wood Sculpture by repaint work  .

Yogendra  Kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA.


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Bahut Bahut Shukriya Om Purohit Kagad Ji

Dheeraj Dadhich said...

Very well done !! we saw the pics on internet and me and my mother fall in love with it. Very well done. you brought them to life as if they are saying something to us.