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Art Vibration - 93


Certificate OF Avantika International  Art Exhibnition 2002 , Delhi.

In year 2001-02, I were participated first time in a international art Exhibition . it was very different type art story of  my true art journey . I were pass out from B.F.A. Painting  Art Education  and in that time  I were read a news about Art Exhibition . that news was published  in a Delhi news paper . My friend Sanjay verma and Sohan Singh Jakhar asked to me  about participation  in that art exhibition because they were planning  for participation in that art Exhibition . I said ok I will join to this art exhibition with  you.

In that news,  Avantika art Group was  published some category of art work like oil color , water color  and etc.  so I were selected medium and category of Water color painting . I were created a painting in water color  on handmade paper that’s size was 20X20 Inches . I were painted a very critical concept in that painting  and I were gave title  to that painting  “JUST EAT ” . in that painting  I were created a plate  of food and knife or barb .  I were draw and paint  to  bind paper money on food plate  , that was criticize on corrupted people of our nation  system. I was critical in that work because I were reading lots of news by news paper about that corruption of money. Today all world and world bank know it our lots of  INDIAN money is convert in black money and today that is out or INDIA. Ha

When I were created that art work and  then I were posted  that art work to AVANTIKA Art Group Delhi By post service . my work were received by Avantika  Staff in time  and they were exhibited  my art work in International art Exhibition of Avantika  Art group .

Before Art Exhibition Avantika Art Group was posted me a invitation letter  for join to that art exhibition as a artist but that time I could not joined to that international art Exhibition of myself  that was  my mistake . I was not mature in that time  for art exhibition or  art activity because Avantika  International art Exhibition was very first big group show for me and I were not knew to any member of Avantika so I was not confident about that art exhibition visit. That time  my mind guided me don’t take any kind of risk . so I did not went for visit to  my art exhibition at Delhi.

After that exhibition one day I were received my art work by post from Avantika Art Group . I were received  a booklet or certificate  with my art work by postman . that booklet was a catalog of that Avantika International art Exhibition . I saw that catalog was very simple in monochrome color and in water color category  I saw  my name in that list of water color Artist  with merit certificate , title . I saw certificate of Avantica Art Group was very creative and colorful , that was printed on glossy paper .

I felt Happy and proud on myself because I got some stage in a international art exhibition by my first participation . that merit certificate was created in myself ,self  confidence about participation in art Activity of others groups .I felt happy because  some art activities  organizer were read and noticed  my art work and that’s critical sound and they were judge to my work for a international art Exhibition ., they were read  my true vision about corruption and as a true art promoter they were exhibited  my critical art work in international art Exhibition of Avantika , that was my first art participation in Avantika but in first I got a right rank from Avantika judges   . it was  my true art Achievement and merit certificate was that’s record for  my art journey .

Computer graphic of  Original water color painting of myself
Here I can’t share  my work visual for  your visit because I have not shoot that picture and where I have putted  to that art work I don’t know because I forget that right condition and place .but that is in  my art work data file  I know about it. For  your visit here I am sharing a computer graphic image  for  your visit it will give  you a right idea about that real art work of  Myself .

As a International art Activity record I have a image of Certificate of AVANTIK art Group ,  so I am sharing that certificate  image for your visit and this certificate image  is proving to My first International  Art Exhibition of Avantika .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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