Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Art Vibration - 86


Artist Friend Daniel Connell  in left . He Was busy in poetry event of  Gwalior  art Camp. 

I can’t Forget to that day in  my life because that  day  I were met first time  to Daniel Connell.  I were in Hadoti cultural art camp City Kota , Rajasthan . that was a national painting camp of painters from Govt. Of Rajasthan . there I were invited as a artist from Bikaner so I were there as a painter .  it was year 2009. After  opening of that national art camp  we all artist were busy  on our canvas  for painting . our art camp timing was 9 am to till 5 pm . on second day of our art camp  I were went to our camp place very early for work because it is in my art nature . I saw no one there after security . that camp place was art gallery of Kota .when I were entered  in gallery for collect my colours ( I were painted there  my two painting  in open ground,  I were not worked  in art gallery ) in that movement  I saw a artist was busy in his art work  with that peaceful or silent  environment . I was surprised  and thought ,who come here before me ,very first for art  work . I felt happy after saw  that art dedication of a true artist for his art work and when I were  saw face of that artist without Disturbance for him . he was noticed  myself entry in that gallery when he was looking  me then I were gave a army salute to him very first without any words  sound. He was gave me smile  in reply with deep respect on my action of Army salute .

After that get together I noticed he was not Indian he was Australian Artist , I were try to know his words and feeling but there English was making  some trouble  for me but I did knew he was Australian  artist  and he is  master in portrait art. But I did liked his art dedication and I were noticed his art dedication many time when we met again and again to me  in my art journey  .In Kota art camp  I were not talked much more to Daniel . but he was signed his self  true art image on  my heart .

We met again in Chandigarh  after Art Camp of Kota , there we were participated in a international poetry festival of Kritya Literature society. That was a presentation of visual and literature  art from one stage . but there I was first to Deniel ,in morning time at 5 am I were busy in help or other artist  for fixing his canvas  for display that time Daniel came in gallery and he was visiting me and I were busy in work of art ..

Artist Daniel Connell Is busy in portrait work  in International
Poetry  festival  of  Kritya  at Chandigarh 

When I saw him he called me yogendra and he was hugged  me . that was respect to me from Daniel.  it was true art sound without much more words . I again gave salute to him . In Chandigarh  art exhibition I were started very first my art work display , there I were got some thread   and nothing other tool for display. But there I saw Daniel were putted his bag with his works, I were alone in that gallery and then I searched  some cutter type  tool and I found a blade of sharpener in bag of Daniel , by that blade support I did hanged  my painting on wall of art gallery in same level without any help because there were no helper and I were alone in gallery that time . after display I were putted that sharpener blade in bag of Daniel and came out to gallery . There after  few hours rest when I were went back in gallery  that time all artists were asking to me how to  you exhibited this art work without any tool , I were joking to all and said by magic of art ..haha ..

In that case I noticed artist Daniel was very upset  for his work display , he was fixed his work place and he was putted his art work on base of gallery and there all were waiting  for hanging  tool or etc. that condition was out of control  for others so Daniel went out from gallery . after few hours there all artist were hanged his or her art work but in that case they leaved  work of Daniel on that gallery base. I saw that was not work of art  community from artists . so I were started hanging  work of Daniel and within one hour I did that  . because I want to give  support to Daniel as a true artist and I did that  for him.  When Daniel came in gallery he was felt very surprising condition by me . he asked to all who hanged   my work on gallery wall  ? then one artist told  to him yogendra .he saw me again and said thanks yogendra and he gave me a big hug because I have killed his display tension matter by display of his all art work in time . I saw a very light tens free smile on his face .  In that Art and literature  festival  I were draw some sketches but I were not displayed to that  sketches , when Daniel visited that sketches then he was displayed  my sketches in open space of that international poetry festival .that was art backup to me from Daniel.

Third time I were met again  to Daniel  in Gwalior City , there I were went in day time and Daniel came there in night by train , he came direct from Kolkata . his train came at 2 am on Gwalior Station . I were went there for receive to Daniel , when he was saw me again on Gwalior Station he was came in confidence and there he was hug me again and said to me yogendra  you are here it is great  for me .and you came here  for receive  to me it is  great surprise for me . next morning when I were went on work place  I saw Daniel was busy in a big portrait work he was busy in drawing of a security person. there fog was everywhere  because that was winter time . in Gwalior Daniel lived all time busy  with others for art talk but when he want to sleep in night then he came in  my room and there he was saying to all  I will sleep in room of  yogendra  there I am getting very nice and safe sleep after talk  to him . I were sleep there at 11 pm and Daniel were came in my room at 2 pm or after 2 pm but he did knew , I were waiting for him , when Daniel came in room I were noticed his entry and I were saying to him good night Daniel sleep well. I saw his trust on me and he was very confident about myself .ha  so I gave salute  to him.

Its Big Drawings of Artist  Daniel Connell  by many paper pieces .

My last meeting with Daniel , that was in Jaipur . Daniel was participated  in a group show and in that group show Daniel was exhibited  his two big art work one was street drawing in charcoal and one big portrait of a old man. Both drawings  size was in 10 X 15 fits. Daniel created that work in many pieces  of art paper so in display time of his art work I was there  for his help . after my help he can joined all pieces of his art work and then he was hanged his big works  on gallery wall but in that presentation I saw his art management mind and that’s exercise . he was created big art work by small paper pieces . that was a true art  exercise for something big work , I were noticed Daniel Portrait sound and that’s exercise was getting something large image in his vision and that big art work was first presentation of his strong art energy  in front of myself  so I did gave again salute to his art energy . last three year to I were not meet to him live but on online I have visited his some more one piece very big portrait work and he was exhibited that in India or in his country Australian  Art gallery . he is busy in his art work by his art dedication or by his true art energy.  so I can say I was right and I did gave my army salute  to a true art energy of our world artist his name is Daniel Connell and here by this post I want to give  again a army salute to Daniel Connell.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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