Friday, April 05, 2013

Art Vibration - 80


Set Design of  Play An Inspector Call  by my two paintings or some paper  craft  work  On Stage of  Town Hall  Bikaner 

My theater Artist Friend Mr. Ashok Joshi was invited  me at town hall Bikaner for talk about set design for his play “ An Inspector  Call “ . kind  your information Mr. Ashok Joshi is a first promoter of myself art  in Theater set  Design work In Bikaner  . he is a good Actor Cum  Director of theater  . So I went to Town Hall Bikaner on his call  and there I saw Mr. Joshi And his team was busy in practice on  play script . I were met to Mr. Joshi he was in role of play director and I were presented myself  there as a visual artist .

When we did started talk on play and that’s script or set design  then I were demanded  to him a script copy of that play  for reading to concept of that play , then I were visited  the location and stage condition for set design work . he was gave me full freedom for set design in very short time .  
In three days  I were read that play script and that’s concept . after that concept study  I were selected   my few art work paintings  for set  design , that paintings concept was very close to that play script . so my 50 % design work was completed by my painting in  myself  imagination.  In that movement Mr. Joshi told me  you can buy any thing for  your set design I will pay  you about that medium  . but I did not demanded  to him any kind of money because I knew I can design to that set in very cheap cost with impressive  visuals, that was  my confidence about set design because in childhood age I were displayed Krishan Jhanki on Krishan Janmashtmi ( Birthday of  Lord Krishana)by dust been medium of  my home or useless item of home or  I won many time prize in that art installation work  . I were knew  that  play script was very critical and critical concept want critical presentation it was  my view after reading to Bharat Muni and his Theater Logic  in My art History .so I did taken a very critical set design format with lots of risk  . ha  

After Script Reading , i created this digital work for
Set Design of Play An Inspector Call .
When I did created a simple or critical set design in  my mind then I were converted   that design visual on digital format  and I did shared that digital set design print copy with Mr. Joshi or his  team . They all were liked  that very critical set design because that’s script  sound was coming out by that play room design . That  play story was started in a one room and  that’s last end was in a same room .so I did created a room design for that play .

Mr. Joshi was gave me some boxes  and space of stage  for decoration . that was also part of that play set design . so I did finalized  some more work  for that space or boxes . Mr. Joshi Asked  to me what  you do on this boxes ? I don’t want it in wood look .So  I  were gave idea to him we can paste colorful paper on this boxes  .he was gave me smile a critical smile because I were gave a very cheap cost idea again for his play  set design . he liked  that .ha

Over all on performing day of that play  I were went to Town Hall by taxi with  my two big paintings.  that’s  Title was Tool of Love And Way of Death . it was very critical art work of  myself  on  life study  and both work was published by newspaper on state level so I were very confident  .When I saw to boxes on stage  that was fixed for play and there on a  box I saw some red and yellow papers, that color choice was Play Director  Mr. Joshi. I were pasted that paper on that boxes and hanged my painting on background ,upside of carton and  for a door I did created gape in background carton  .There right side of visitors , on stage I did created  a Bar desk by paper pasting work on box and  within one  hour  I did hand over   the stage to That Play Director Mr.  Ashok Joshi  , he was happy after visit to my simple and critical set design because  there boxes was came out  to background and painting display or  that’s concept is bounding to viewers eyes . I were  noticed  it , painting presentation was giving to space for thinking  to viewers in mid of that play performance. I am saying it because I did got many comments from viewers after that play presentation .

Theater Artist is playing to drama on my set designed Stage  of town hall
for play   An inspector call  . 

Over all I did completed a very cheap and high conceptual set design  by  my paintings concept because that play story was representing by my paintings , that’s play questions and that’s answer was in  my painting visuals so that was true part of that play or set design concept . That set design work was  my first theater  set design  work  in this art journey and I could done  that after study of that Play  script, study of Director demands or his limitation , study of stage  space limitation or study of large scale vision about design by very cheap and critical presentation  medium . so I can say it to you  Today , I did designed a Theater  Set Design by two paintings of myself . 

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.


richard kushinsky said...

well done yogendra, I don't know if the play was good, I do know the set design was excellent good color and shapes. i'd like to see close ups of the paintings as they look exceptional

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

Sir Richard Kushinsky
Thanks for your comment and visit.. my two painting was displayed one was critical comment on love tool , outing, party, hidden meeting ,only poetry and love letter by blood writing is not true love ,and in second painting i did draw the way of death childhood age to till death stage we are just waling on way of death . i did show in that painting and that play theme was very close to my painting one side love story and second side death way so i did used that for set design of that play An Inspector Call.