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Art Vibration -91


" 14-2-2004 " Installation Presentation on Concept of  INDIAN Post Service .

Before 2005 year, I were not connected  with this advance online networking system. I did not knew about E mail or Gmail. So  my communication was running by INDIAN POST  SERVICE . I were sending  mail in  hard copy to my art family . As a Indian  I am using INDIAN post Service , some time they can’t help to me then I am use  other way for hard copy post to my art family.

1999 to till 2004 I were  sending continue letters  to  my friends by INDIAN post Service . I have a  big letters data in  my hard copy data store .  that time I were used postcard  and simple envelope of INDIAN post . when I were buy the stamp for post that stamp design was attracted  to me , and I were thinking much more design in format of INDIAN POST STAMP , in letter of  my friends  I were draw some stamp design just  for art fun. 

That Art Fun were got a real art work form from me in year 2004 . it was year of  my masters at Rajasthan School of Art . There I were created lots of concepts for  my art work presentation and in that concept design I were used my past communication way INDIAN POST SERVICE .

I am remembering , in  my class of masters, my classmate was planning  for valentine day and I saw someone creating painting or someone were busy in card design so there I told to them why  you are not use  our simple INDIAN post Service and that’s Envelope post  for  your feeling share work with  close friends.
They were not noticed  my advice but by that simple advice I got a concept  for  my art work “14-2-2004” it is a title of  my art work  . I were wrote some notes  for  my work of art because this art concept was very big challenged for me , I were thought very big and tuf exercise , but I did that exercise  by my art passion. In that concept  I were planed some stamps with free of cost , because I thought all world is celebrate a one day for love and peace they are saying to that day valentine day  . so its our duty as a nation person we give some freedom for express to true  feeling with others  for love and peace by simple  way.

I were created three type letter design  of INDIAN POST SERVICE , one was post card ,second was envelope of INDIAN POST and third was International post Letter ( ANTARDESHIY PTRA ) of INDIAN POST SERVICE.  

About date of 14-2-2004 , I were designed a small maket of INDIAN POST SHEEL , with this text  image message “ love want simplicity and true feeling by easy way or our INDIAN POST SERVICE  can provide it for our NATION people from INDIAN POST SERVICE.

After that complete concept design with that’s small maket  I were shared that art concept  with  my art Teacher  Dr. Vidhya Sagar Upadhyay  Sir , he was visited  that and asked  to me. are  you design it ? I were reply to him yes sir , then he asked  to me how to  you will created ? then I said my full concept and that’s final stage , I told him I will create this concept in big size and INDIAN POST SHEEL  I  will create in sculpture  form , because I want to learn the academic sculpture process by this art work .

 My teacher was very critical for me and I were knowing  he is taking  my test , he told me in joke style , why  you are not create in wood a  carpenter can create  for  you in short time , then I told to him sir I want to learn  fiber casting work from myself  so I will create it by me after  your permission . finally I were got permission  from my teacher .and then I were started  collection  of art  medium .

First I were buy three plywood sheet and some handmade sheets I were painted  color on that ply board  like post card or international post letter. After painting I were draw same image or text on that big Post card or envelope like original  post card or envelope .after painting and drawing that was looking like a real post card and international  post letter.

On handmade paper sheet  I were painted  some images and I did cut to that paper sheet in form of INDIAN POST STAMP . on space of STAMP COST  I were wrote word FREE. When all Stamp got final  cutting  then i were pasted  that paper STAMP  copy on big size post card or  on envelope . after final touch I were wrote  some calligraphy type lines that was not word that was a symbol of love and peace language , when my teacher saw that symbolic calligraphy type lines then he asked to me why  you are not write real words ? then I reply to him sir , I am thinking,  love and relation feeling is very important  for two person because they are communicate  by word his or her deep feeling.  but when other read to that words then they can joke on that words . here you feel this letter I wrote  for  you because my deep feeling and respect  for  you , and I know  you can understand very well because  you are blessing on me  but others are not know our true art relation so they can joke on it . so I have not used  real words I used indication of feelings by this calligraphy style lines .My teacher were listening  to me and then gave me a simple smile  , I can’t forget that movement of my art journey. Ha

But Post card , envelope and international post letter was not complete art work , that was half creation of my concept of INDIAN  POST SERVICE. After painting  work I were went  in sculpture department  there I were draw very first armature of  INDIAN POST SHEEL . when drawing  was completed  then I were collected  some  damaged furniture and created a strong armature for sculpture , that was December moth and I were created first stage of POST SHEEL in clay , that POST SHEEL was in 4.5 fit  Height . so three days I were busy in clay work in cold environment . after 10 days I were got a real shape of INDAN POST SHEEL  in clay , that was a small success of  my Sculpture sound . there my all Sculpture department teachers were  not happy to my sculpture work but I were lived busy there as a silent artist.  because I were knew I will create a sculpture by me in this department , I were confident  because I have been lots of exercise and planning about that sculpture before  work and  my collage vice principal late shree Somhendra Sharma Ji was gave me some guide line for that art work . so I were very confident because he was a strong sculptor of Rajasthan.

After clay sculpture I were taken a mold by plaster in that molding work our collage staff helper Mr. Om Prakash Minaa ji was helped me then in a one day I could taken  a very perfect mold in plaster. I were leaved that mold in sun light  for dray  and in that time gape I thing three or four days , I were searched medium of fiber casting and that’s technically casting process  . I did buy raggine ,hardnar  , fiber mate , marble dust  and some more comical for fiber medium . on  day15th ,  I were stared fiber casting by help of Mr.  Om Prakash Meena ji . on day 20th , I were give final touch to that fiber sculpture and that day my all sculpture  department  and that’s teacher were looking me and  my sculpture of fiber casting  ..it was my second success .

After creation of Sculpture in 20th days I were came back in  my painting department and there I were painted  to that INDIAN POST SHEEL  sculpture in real look impression . I were pasted   some text cut on bottom side of that POST SHEEL .   over all in 35 days I were completed to concept of INDIAN POST SERVICE  in  a big art work form , first I were shared that art work display with my art teacher , he said ok , done. Then I were exhibited  that art concept presentation in  my final display of  First year masters and third  I were displayed it in art fair of Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy Jaipur , there STET BANK OF BIKANER AND JAIPUR  was gave me award for that art concept presentation . my concept had completed  a stage of art work creation to award . but that’s story was not end on that point .

A Original Stamp Image copy from Google .com 
One day I were posted a letter with my art work image of INDIAN POST SERVICE  concept  to Director of Jaipur Post Office , in that letter I were wrote a request for my work collation or that’s display in post office museum or gallery . in reply of  my letter I were received a letter from Director of Jaipur Post office , director wrote to me , yogendra  you can display  your art work in our Post office exhibition at Jawahar kala Kendra , because I liked  your concept and we appreciate it, if  you have worked  for our INDIAN POSTR SERVIS . I have saved that letter copy of JPO Director   in  my letter data , here I can’t share that letter copy for  your visit so sorry .but that letter was my third success by concept of art work INDIAN POST SERVICE .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

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