Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Art Vibration - 96


Artist Ramesh Bhojak Sameer , Naveen Swani  or Dr. Namami Shankar
Acharya  is busy in installation work  creation at Sudarshana Kala Dirgha 
This Art Concept was third Presentation from our art community BALAT. In this art activity  we were came back in Sudarshana Kala Dirgha , because rain time was on or we were  got cool environment from nature . In this art activity  we were gave respect to our seniors sound about our city cleaning system . Our senior Artist  Mahaveer  Swami Ji  and writer Saral  Visharad and Bhawani Shankar vyas vinod ji  told us about work for city and that’s cleaning  condition.

So I were planed a concept a very critical concept on city cleaning condition  . That was a installation   format  , and in that art form I were selected medium news paper and plastic or Polithin Carry bags . I wrote about that concept , news paper every day publish about plastic or city cleaning subject . that time Govt. Of Rajasthan was passed a bill about  ban on plastic or polithin carry bag , because that is blocking  to civil line water system , and cows are eating  to that and getting self death by this plastic .So I were again called  to all artists of Our Art Community , but all were  not came with me or with this critical concept about our city  but I were happy because true art worker came with me . artist Naveen Swami , Artist  Dr. Namami Shankar Acharya. Artist Cum Writer Ramesh Bhojak Sameer  , Anurag Swami and myself .

I were pay  to gallery   owner from My pocket I were not collected  any money from any artist . because  I were selected very cheap medium for that rich art concept . that medium was news papers copies and useless plastic  and some carry bags.

Display of our Installation  work  on stop use of plastic or polithin bag 
But that art concept was very tuf  I were created labor work for us about that art concept . I were told  to all artists  we will cover  to this gallery walls by news paper  and then we will display some useless plastic and carry bags  on news paper  background . All were ready for that work so we were booked  to gallery for three days .

First day we were started news paper pasting   work on gallery wall but we did not damaged to gallery wall by our pasting work  we were cared to our gallery and that’s cleanness . that was our example of  love of  cleaning for gallery  in front  of art gallery owner  or  for media .In two days we have covered 2500 fits gallery space by news paper pasting work , we were  converted that gallery  in a box of media or print media . After news paper  pasting work we were collected   some ruf or useless plastic from here   and   there   and some disposal product we were buy for our art concept Display .
Second day evening we have completed our art concept display and then went to invite for art talk  on closing day  of our art installation presentation .
On last day we all artist came on gallery in time and there in gallery we were created 1000 envelopes by news papers that was our craft work and by that craft work we were taken a positive action for protection of city and cows to plastic and polithin carry bag. That was our critical art work by that art concept .

In evening time on closing stage of our art work presentation  we were talked on art and cleaning mater of our city . before that art talk  we were went in market with our crafted envelopes . in that market walk our senior writer Saral visharad ji came with us and he was donated our crafted paper envelopes to shopkeepers  and as a writer or as a senior citizen he was giving guide line for stop use of plastic and polithin . that walk was very artistic and meaning full for us or for our society . that was true art action by creative person of my city by luck I were in base of that art action or activity. We all artist were knew it . our installation work is not a fine painting or any sculpture work but that was work on a city cleaning concept by a right art action  so we did done that with full confidence .

Some movement of last day of our installation art work . Artist Murari Sharma  ji , Rajendra  P . joshi ji  , Saral visharad ji
Mahaveer swami  ji ,Bhawani shankar vyas vinod ji , art critic Israr hasan Kadri ji  and  Irshad Ajiz ,were participated  in our art talk  about city cleaning  system  in sudarshana kala dirgha  Bikaner, 2011 .

After donate that crafted envelopes to shopkeepers we all creative person came in our gallery and there we were talked on city cleaning matter . Writer Bhawani Shankar vyas vinod ji and Artist Mahaveer Swami ji were felt happy after visit our art exercise because we were converted to gallery in a media box room every side news and  news or that’s impression plus plastic and polithin . that installation  was creating  a environment of reality of social condition between system or society . that Art work presentation was a question marks  for both  system or society .  actually we human were created this polithin and carry bag of plastic  for our easiness  but after easiness this useless product is killing to our animals and killing to city clean environment so that easiness is killing itself to  human real easiness that is natural life  so its must we stop to use of plastic and polithin in our daily life . we said it and we could  communicated it with society by our art activity of that installation  art concept so I said  to that art activity , art concept for clean environment of my city .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

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