Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art Vibration - 84


painting of   Sistine Chapel , Rome.
Friends you all are know about Great art maestro Michelangelo , he was a very good sculptor of  our world  art history , he was creating sculptures in marble but some time when sculpture project was not  giving money to him then he was worked  as a painter . I have read it in our  western art history. that was a very painful or Struggle  time  for him but his patience and art dedication was pulled out  to him from that  complicated painful art condition .

That was very critical time  for Michelangelo ,  all critics of his time was not happy to him , in that movement Michelangelo was gave a statement to all critics . Michelangelo  like a marble Sculpture and critics are like a marble dust..ha. in this statement of a great art maestro you can read and notice his full  art confidence .

Michelangelo was signed a contract for painting or in deep for money  , that contract was Sistine Chapel . That time father of  Sistine chapel support to Michelangelo when he was crossed to dead line of painting work in  Sistine chapel , when  father of Sistine chapel was  asked to  Michelangelo , when  you will complete  it ? we have no more time then Michelangelo reply to him, when I CAN.Over all Sistine chapel was finally painted by Michelangelo with sign of world wonder place. Today that was a very strong art product of Rome .but which condition that was painted or designed I know very well after Michelangelo or father of Sistine Chapel . 

I am sharing this historical art story with  you because  in  my art journey I have faced some painful condition just like great maestro Michelangelo . I can’t forget  my struggle time that was year 2006-7, I were completed  my art masters from Rajasthan School of art and in that  time I could not sold  my art work and  my family support was very limited for my food and residence in Jaipur City . so I were not sleep hungry in jaipur but I were lived very hungry for  my art practice . I wanted art work from  myself and I did that but art creation want that’s presentation or presentation want money  and money  was very limited in my pocket . I did worked on paper , for big work I did pasted many papers and then I got from myself,  big art space  for big work .but the question was still in front of myself what is the next after art work Mr. yogendra ? friends critics and all others were asking to me what are you doing at here and why  you are here ?. that was painful for me because I could not said to them  my pocket is not permit to me  for big art exhibitions or art show. Some time there I were try and saved some pocket money and I did exhibited two or  three art exhibition , one on street  and two in gallery of  Jaipur . that was just a presentation of  my art exercise after  my master education but that’s result was only publication by media that was not bad but  my art time was  needed to me much more and I were not capable for that much more about  my art  . I were completely hopeless there because no one with me and I were far to my home  I were  not telling  my all pain to family so pain was putted me under the presser  and I were remembering to  my art study and that’s historical artists life , I were  remembered to Maestro  Leonardo da vinci and Michelangelo struggle . I were thinking , where to I sign the contract  like  Sistine chapel and etc .

It was  my true art struggle time but true time give some true positive way . one day I were busy in work of art exercise in Studio of JKK. Jaipur . there The  director of Samanvai Art gallery , Jaipur came for visit  Studio of JKK . I were busy there and she was visited  my art work and  my working style + working condition . she was noticed  my art energy or dedication for art by  limited element of art . she was visited  my some small work that was on concept  of “ Life with Math “ that art work was on paper in size 5X5 inches . 

After few days I were received her call about  my art work exhibition at her art gallery and once again I came in tens  for painting frame because she told me I can display your  work in  group show of art gallery but painting frame is very must .  so I were collected some extra money  from home and I did cut some money from  my art medium  and then I gave frame to  my art works for first exhibition at Samanvai Art gallery Jaipur , it’s a privet art gallery of Jaipur .

After that exhibition of  Samanvai Art gallery , a art collector was collected  my five paintings and I got some money  for next work .that exhibition  was a very turning point  for  my art journey there to I got a art promoter cum teacher  because that gallery director is not only a art business person. She is a good teacher of her own school .So in director of Samanvai Art Gallery I found to Father of Sistine Chapel , Just  like Michelangelo .

After that art exhibition or money  collection I were lived busy continue  in work of art At Studio JKK. Because I want to live free for my work exercise and in that case I were came on myself study . I did painted painting on myself life . I were started observation of my feelings,  day or night time condition and that’s transformation on paper by painting form . that self study were pulled out to me from game of color painting , I did used blue ,black and white color and I used some transparent paper for logic, we live every day new day in our life but after that day we remember to that day in form of  past by memory or our memory is very transparent . we can visit our all past history by memory in our vision or mind . so I used to transparent paper in painting . this kind of art study was continue with  my art exercise .

Myself painting  on  Web page  of  Samanvai Art gallery  .2013

In year 2008 I were came Bikaner at home and here I were joined  to  my art studio , in studio I were working for painting and photography . photography was giving me money  and painting was giving me  myself  confidence . In 2009 I were went Jaipur for a art exhibition . that exhibition was organized by a art medium shop . there I were exhibited  myself  art works and my work was visited  by director of Samanvai Art gallery . that art work is very different to my past work so  I were submitted  my three work to Samanvai Art gallery on consignment base  contract . that art contract was like Sistine chapel contract between Father of Sistine chapel or Michelangelo . 

Today After four years I were received some  positive information about  my art work from Samanvai Art gallery . A art collector  have collected my one painting and I will receive  that painting cost very soon in my hand by rule of our consignment base contract  of  Samanvai Art gallery.  

This Art Information is giving me the feeling of relax  just like  art maestro Michelangelo , he was felt cool when he did completed his contract based ceiling painting work in Sistine Chapel  .finally he could that art work by support of Father of Sistine Chapel .  

After  four year  I saw support or promotion to my art work from promoter  cum teacher The Director of Samanvai Art Gallery.  so here I want to say .I Can and  I  see  Samanvai Art gallery is like Sistine Chapel  for me …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA. 


Catherine Howley said...

I have followed your journey with wonderment. I love your work and am so pleased you are now receiving some financial reward for your talent and passion Yogendra x

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

Thank you Catherine Howley , for your notice my work and i am very regarded for your art interest about my art work .
my time want to me art work so its giving me energy for life and i am living to this art energy by creation of art .
yogendra kumar purohit

Julie Boyle said...

Yogendra you have shown such passion and commitment, I too am so pleased your amazing paintings are now selling. Well done Julie