Friday, March 08, 2013

Art Vibration - 72


I am explaining  my visuals capture  story to our Princess Rajyashree Kumari in exhibition of  Photography ,2008
One day i were reading  news paper  in my home , That was year 2008, I were read in that news paper a art news about photography exhibition . As a visual artist i have a camera and Art vision about photography . kind  your information today i have lots of collection of my photography work ,i did completed a job of press photographer in 2005 , many visuals i have shared with  you by this blog posts. actually my photography work is a art and art documentation of  my art journey or its continue with myself today.

That Day after read the news of photography exhibition . i were called  to Organizer of that exhibition , i were called to MAHARAJA GANGA Shingh Trust Bikaner, By luck they were knowing me, i am a artist of Bikaner (  youth painter ) . so they were permitted  to me  for display of my art Photography  work in  Royal photography Exhibiiton. when i got a complete official permission about display in Exhibition . I were got print out of some selected photography works, i did selected in that visuals only real  art sound of myself or identity of Bikaneri culture.

I did selected some camel visuals or hours visuals, air craft visuals and rajasthani traditional or cultural visuals , over all i did exhibited only 10 photographs in exhibition. that exhibition was a royal exhibition so thats presentation was in royal style , i got a display box of museum  from organizers , kind  your information that exhibition was displayed  in our very historical fort JUNAGHAR fort. so i can say i were displayed  my art work in home of Royal Family of Bikaner.

The Exhibition was organized for Our Dr.  MAHARAJA KARNI SHINGH ji , A international Shooter , A very contemporary painter or a great Photographer of our nation .he was a self made army  of our Bikaner  or INDIA. here i want to say I am not king like him , in  my real life but i have same sound  in myself like our Dr. MAHARAJA KARNI SHINGH JI . 
I was Top Shooter in my Air Wing N.C.C. ( i wrote  on this matter in before post  on this blog ) I am master in painting and photography is continue with my art journey .In my real art life i am living like a king but its  myself designed king life. i am belong to a BRAHMIN family not to a Royal Family so I am not a King.

That Photography exhibition was a group show of Bikaner Photographers , they all were participated with his best art photography works , my friend Rakesh Sharma was asked  to me what kind of photo i can display in this exhibition so i did helped him for his work selection as a master of Art. he was happy to my help.My friend  Dinesh Gupta was wanted help to me for his display so i did helped him , there i saw two photographer were participated as a photographer but they were hungry for publicity or award so they were take advantage of his job power , they both were press photographer so they were gave us a very surprising result one was first and second was second , i were laughing on his vision but they were hungry for  word, Best  for self .ha 

I were noticed  that art + award activity or game of award  and then i said i will live back  of all , because i know where is art and art sound . when  i said it that movement our Royal Princess Rajyashree Kumari was listen my critical words but she did not reacted  on my words , In that Movement  i read very true expression on her face. she was upset to that exhibition result , she did try to change that result but we all photographers were  lived silent so she could not taken any action but she did visited again our exhibition before award ceremony . she did show to winner  "i did not like  your result , she was angry on organizer and in our exhibition visitor  book she wrote a line "MANY SUCH WANT IN FUTURE "

A tourist is Visiting  my photography and enjoying to art sound

There I saw all Photographer were not happy to result of Organizers but all were happy because we all were communicated our art sound with national or International viewers . i got many comments from tourist visitors  for  my photography . that was a real award for my art sound in that art exhibition so i were  thankful For MAHARAJA GANGA SHING TRUST , BIKANER,

On last Day Of that Royal Photography Exhibition , Closing day , Organizers and Royal Princess Rajyashree Kumari was  submitted award to award winner and she was gifted  a Biography book of Dr. MAHARAJA KARNI SHINGH JI  to all . After collected that Biography book in my hand ,  i saw the face of our Royal Princess , she was noticed  my  visual art sound and  my nature of art then she was gifted me that biography book of her father or our Bikaner King .

It was Gifted to me Princess Rajyashree Kumari , 2008
Kind  your information i were got a photography work print of Dr. MAHARAJA KARNI SHINGH ji , that was in B & W , i got a certificate of Consolation prize from hand of our Royal Princess Rajyshree Kumari , she was wanted cared the emotion of a true artist from herself blessing words or she did try for that .

But there i were very light and she did not knew about my inner art condition. i were  very confident because i were not hungry about award,  but i were hungry about true art result so i were in tens after knew the result of that art exhibition cum competition . so she was  also in tens because she knew what was  wrong  with exhibition result . i were participated in that exhibition for true art presentation not for award because  i were leaved the way of award or first & second  number race  path  in year 2005 .ha

But i have not leaved the path of true art . this Visual  art sound  of myself was noticed by our Royal Princes Rajyashree Kumari , so i said it or today i am saying it to  you by this True art path.

Yogendra Kumar purohit
Master of FIne Art
Bikaner, INDIA.


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" Our princes " whit is the meaning of it.
and who is your princes.

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good to know it!