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Art Vibration -74


First painting of Our Art workshop at Ravindra Rang manch
 Bikaner 2009, myself  playing holi with Image of God Ganesha
This is a Month of  March 2013 , I remember today  to  month march of Year 2009, In That march  Month I were planed a art workshop , that was a completely critical art workshop by me , I was organizer of that art workshop from My studio yogendra-art  And Designing  Studio , Bikaner.

That Art  workshop  concept  was on  wall painting  , and I  were organized that  at Incomplete  Ravindra Rang manch Of Bikaner, before that Art  workshop , I were visited that  building condition and I felt very bad when I saw the ruf  condition of that building  , I were very hurt  and  then I thought , why educated people or artist were put name of this building  RAVINDRA RANG MANCH ?  that was direct  insult  of Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur .

I were saw many ruf words  on that building  walls . Ruf  people were wrote on that building walls , that kind of words in Bikaner, people were used on Holi or Dhulandi  festival ,  I saw there Cheep words  or  cheep and Sexy  charcoal drawing of  humans sex part , I were felt pain again  after saw misuse of that building  just like  Amer Fort of Jaipur - year 2005.( here on this blog I have shared a post about art work  of myself  on  Jaipur Amer Fort  condition that’s link is   , Post Art Vibration-31 )

So There I did finalized  art workshop concept  on the Spot  After visit that bad Condition of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , that was pending  to last 12 years  because that building structure  was not perfect  and safe for viewers  so that ‘s construction work was stop and ruf people were working and using to that incomplete building  for ruf work . I know that users were not wrong  because that building structure and planer were not  perfect so that was in condition of Incomplete and I noticed a big mistake in that project . they were fixed the name of that building RAVINDRA RANG MANCH.  so it was pain full for me because  I have read  to Ravindra natha Thakur and his  true art concept  in  my art history , I have visited his true art work in our national Gallery of Modern art  New Delhi .The Great Britain was gifted him A reward of   “ SIR “ , and I am also regarded for his true art concept of INDAN ART .

In my City some wrong people were doing wrong with his named   building . so I felt wrong with that building  and I were  finalized a critical art workshop  about that building .  I were invited  to my youth artist friends of Bikaner , they all are masters in Visual art.  I did selected  month of March in this month our nation  enjoy to color festival  Holi , and in  my city people are using that  building walls ruf words for fun and for through out to inner frustration . In my city all were welcome to others  inner frustration  only on DHULANDI for a one day , it is a artistic or  it is the culture of our city Holi  . But my city cultural people were not misuse the name of  SIR RAVINDRA NATH THANKUR or any respectable nation person .so my art workshop concept  was  not on city people that was on Planer, designer or builder of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH .

On  art workshop day  I were called  to my artist  friends , Mr. Malchand Pareek , Mr. Vivek Kakara , Mr.  Mohan lal Dudi , Mr. Naveen Swami , they all were came there with full of art energy . first we were painted white wash on that ruf and sexy words of ruf people s. we could not painted to all walls of that building  but a one part of that building we did painted by wall painting , we were used water color ( washable ) ,.On main gate we painted first a image  of GOD GANESHA ,(Shree Ganesh before  a good work ) after draw that Drawing we were played holi by dray color to god GANESHA  Image .

We all art masters were busy in wall painting work
at Ravindra Rang Manch 
When white wash got dray condition then we all were selected our painting space for paint and we all were painted there our  self expression about RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , here in visuals  you can see that paintings and our art action about true condition of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH - year 2009.

I can’t forget to VINAYAK PRINTER S , they were sponsored to us some light food , tea and water . so they were our true art promoter in that critical art workshop of Wall painting of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH . our city Media and E-TV  News were promoted our art sound very confidently .That was very must  for our art sound because that was not only a art activity that was a true critical art action for true art person , His name Ravindra nath  Thakur .

In That one day art workshop we were colored to walls of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , we did show artist want this art center for art activity , we are ready for use so please don’t leave it for its misuse by none artist people.

After that art workshop I were not lived silent , I did posted that art workshop visuals with some  request words to our Bikaner M P DHARMENDRA (  Senior Cinema Actor ) ,   To C.M. of KOLKATA Mamta Banarji  , to Ravindra Bharti Art Society, Shanti Niketan or to  Our Hon’ble President of INDIA.

Our M P Dharmendra was taken a  action on RAVINDRA RANG MANCH and after that action of our MP  that Ravindra rang Manch was getting start  for perfect look . on that  incomplete  building some one changed to structure design , some one donated   money , some one cared to name of Ravindra nath Thakur and step by step  after four year  in 2013 that incomplete building structure of Ravindra rang manch get 80%  completeness , it is a true success of our art workshop sound .
         Present Condition of Ravindra Rang Manch
        Bikaner 2013 with our art work  Sign images 

On  17 th march  2013  I were went again on that incomplete building  and I were shoot some visuals of that under construction building , that seen was very different, all side of that incomplete building  I saw construction medium , red stone tiles , big air conditioner machine’s some worker were fixing to wires some one busy in stone pasting work on wall . over all that building was getting the real  name of Ravindra Rang Manch ,in that new look I were noticed  my art workshop sign on that walls ,There worker and builder were not hidden our art work sign and I can say they were getting energy when they are visiting to our art work of our art workshop ,our art work is working Like words of Sant “ KABIRA”  


" It mean live always with a true critic , that critic can ,pure and clear to vision without water and shop ."

Our holi meet wall painting art workshop was done it by The  sound of true critical art and its  live continue for final stage of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , Bikaner.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner INDIA

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