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Art Vibration - 75


This Symbolic painting  i were created  for ICHAP - art workshop of  HIV /AIDS 

 I were busy in my masters of visual  art at Rajasthan School of Art , Jaipur , in that study time period  I were joined some art workshops  from my art collage ,In year 2004-05 Rajasthan State AIDS  control society and India Canada collaborative HIV/ AIDS project was organized a art workshop at JAIPUR SWASTHY VIBHAG  BHAWAN .

I were went there with  my juniors , first we were knew  some information about HIV or AIDS  from ICHAP team member s  and then we got some  art medium, for painting on HIV or AIDS  subject. That art workshop was two day art workshop  for us . so I did selected  two canvas  for a one painting  on first day , after selection of canvas, I were started thinking on  concept of AIDS .Kind  your information  in year 1995 I did participated in a competition of Aids Subject  painting , that was organized by SMS hospital Jaipur , but I did not painted same concept  on canvas of  ICHAP .

First day I were just planed  a concept  of  Love or on  AIDS , I did draw  some sketches  on white paper s, step by step  i  got a final concept  on AIDS Subject  by art exercise . when I were started paint to base of canvas  in that movement a worker of ICHAP team asked  to me what  you will paint  on this canvas ?  I did reply to him I don’t know what I will paint but I will not go out side to  your subject boundation . My words were  noticing   by my juniors when I were talking to that person of ICHAP team member .

In my painting concept I were draw definition of love in a one part of that canvas  by heart symbol,  one heart X one heart it mean love but five heart X one heart it mean something is going wrong like AIDS or ETC .ha

In that time in real life I saw to live love and open invitation to  AIDS  by some persons  or characters , so that characters roles were gave me idea for that painting concept. There on ICHAP canvas I did painted my art visual in two days with full of patience and I were noticed  all worker and organizers were noticing  my visual art sound by that art concept of AIDS .

 Second day  I were completed  my first painting than my inner art sound gave me one more idea  for a next painting so I were demanded  one more canvas to Team of ICHAP and ICHAP team were gave me one more canvas  for painting . I were used spare color of that art workshop , spare mean some art students were leaved color after use on painting and that color was useless for them so I did used that useless color  for  my second painting and I did created a one more painting on AIDS concept by image of foot print but I did created that foot print by my hand , that was part of folk art but I did used that in our contemporary art workshop .

 Over all in two days I were gave visual language to  Social Problem HIV / AIDS   or  protection action against that major problem of Society .  I were happy because I could done that by myself art vision with a strong natural logic of natural life , I did show love is first and last natural action on all kind of social problems .

On last day  of that art workshop , The team of ICHAP was  exhibited our  Art workshop work  in meeting hall  of JAIPUR  SWASTHY VIBHAG BHAWAN , JAIPUR and they were gifted us certificates and rewards or awards . my juniors were won awards from ICHAP on AIDS subject and I got reward from ICHAP or from My art collage,  because I did presented our art collage  vision in that art workshop. The Team of ICHAP was noticed  my visual  sense when I were gave definition to  HIV / AIDS Problem by  visual language  with  critical visual concept .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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