Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 77


Artist Nand katyal Is Busy in His Painting Work At Gaddi Studio Delhi , 

   One day I were went to Delhi  for booking to Ravindra bhawan  art gallery  about  my art  Exhibition. because I were got chance for Exhibition from Lalit Kala Academy  Selection. That day after booking to gallery I were went for visit to Gaddi Studio, kind  your information Gaddi Studio was a very artistic studio in a time , that studio gave lots of very strong artists  to our nation INDIA and to our International art family . so that studio visit  was a very big achievement  for me because I was art student and I did visited to Gaddi first time in  my art journey .

When I were entered in Gaddi Studio I saw some Artists were busy in his sculpture art work and some one busy in art Discussion , there I did saw every artist had his own allotted art  space with a room , they all were Scholars or senior Academic awarded registered Artists. They all were busy there in  art and art exercise .

In Gaddi  I were shoot some visuals of artist ,his art work and some visuals of Gaddi Studio ,That’s wall  was designed or constructed by Stone and painted by white wash . I saw there a small canteen , there I taken a hot tea and on tea table I met to Senior Artist of London  Jone Adwerd , he was gave a art demo to our Art collage with his art Exhibition and that time he was working in Gaddi Studio as a member of Gaddi . he was working there on art transformation project of other countries . we were talked on art and on life matter , he did guided me about art and patience for long Art Journey .

After meeting with Jone Adwerd I were went in a room without permission  , and I did started photography of that room . there I saw a senior Artist was busy in his work , he was painting  to a canvas by his finger that was finger painting of him  , I saw eyes of him. he was very angry or in deep mood of his creation I were noticed it , his inner presser was coming out by his finger action through the color . I were shoot his fingers condition that is covered to colors and his face expressions  and some self portrait of him. that portrait was displayed in his studio wall  .

Artist Nand Katyal  in Gaddi Studio with his self Portrait work .
When I were entered in his painting room I did broken  his natural deep painting mood I have disturbed his unconscious expressions motion I know it ,because I am painter  and I know about painters art mood or his motion  condition very well , but I did cared  his studio peace and silence so he was lived busy in his work but in mid his art work , he was noticing me as a senior artist of myself . That's Movement i were learned to him how to work in studio and how to create art environment for self art nature in studio,and i knew a very strong lesson about painting tool , when i saw to him , he was painting to his hand fingers on canvas with flow of his true art energy . that was great  live art education for me .There  when I felt some uncomfortable in his room by that  art room condition I did try to came out without talked and I did that , but by  my eyes I said thanks and his eyes were noticed  my thanks by my face Expression . That time I were not asked to him his name or any other art information because he did not gave me chance or that was not a right time for art talk . because  my senior artist was busy in his art work with very deep feeling so I did not talked and asked anything to him. but his art energy, working style and face expression or his studio peace design was saying to me he is a very big and strong Artist of INDIA.  After visit of Gaddi  Studio , When I did came at my art collage then I were shared  my photography  of Gaddi Studio visit with  my seniors then I could know his name and art character , my senior said to me That Senior Artist of Gaddi Studio , his name is  Mr. Nand katyal , he is national level artist of INDIA .

After few year. I mean last year I were saw his picture on facebook with his art work . then I were send to him a  friend request.  he was accepted my request as a artist friend , when he was joined me then I were posted him his Gaddi Studio Pictures , He was remembered me and said “ that boy was  you ? good Work I like it And i am very thankful   for this pictures yogendra.

Actually on visit of Gaddi Studio I did found to Art Master Nand Katyal and I did started art talk very first by our  silent eye contact  and today we are talking and sharing our works between each other for promotion of our contemporary world Art. So I can say I find to Senior Art Master Nand Katyal when I visit  to Gaddi Studio Delhi .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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