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Art Vibration - 73


 Cine Actress is Covering  her face by hand  for care to sun light attack 
Friends , In art history i have read many cine Art Director's were worked for his cine visuals , some one collected visuals from nature, Some one collected from his imagination , some one collected  from Theaters and some one from Folk Art . actually they all were collected  visuals  from our Environment of this  social world . 

In Indian Art History i have read  to a one Cine Art Director Satyajeet Roy , he was created his cine art set and seen frame by his imagination , he was created drawing of seen according to story or cine art character. you can think why i am saying it ?  you know i am master of painting  and here i am talking about Cine Art . why it is..?

So i want to tell  you why i am saying it  to  you. In 2005 when i were busy in a job of press photography In Jaipur .That time one day  my editor gave me a Photo  reporting job about Cine Art ,because our news paper editor was wanted to published to cine art, for promotion of cinema unite or  by cine art  to newspaper  .ha

I were went to GALTA JI a place of Prayer , there i were  went with report Mr. Amit Sharma , i saw there a Cine  unite  were busy in shooting work .A  camera man on camera , director on his direction position , spot boy was caring to all unite member  and some other worker were busy in his work , I were saw a actress of that cine art project was sleep on the green ground  in black dress . Cine camera was rolling on her face or all kind of acting  motion , Step by step the actress was completing her act for that cine project .  In that case i were started  my job work for photo reporting about  my press duty. I were on  my digital camera and started photography of that cine unite or that actress . 

There The Cine Art Director and Cine  Photographer were noticed  my photography action and my consciousness about  my art work . one by one i did shoot many reporting style photographs from  my camera ,In same time i were noticed to  that actress motion and her action  . She was on earth and sun was on up side of our head so the sun light was coming direct on her face , she was not feeling easy or  comfort and her  cine screen seen was very long in that position so after a cut she  was putting her hand on  face , i saw many time that  same action of her and on a one movement i were shoot her picture when she was putted hand on her face . 

When i were shoot that movement of that actress and visiting in  my digital camera screen for perfection of visual , i were listen " good capture man ! that sound came from  my back side , i saw my backside then i were seen  to assist photographer of that cine art unite . he was  pulled my camera from  my hand in full of energy and said you do it ,after it , he was visiting  my photography in  my digital camera  screen , when he was  got some self confidence then said to me  wait man i am coming , in next movement he was went near the Director of that Cine Art team and expressed my captured picture of that cine actress,  the Director was visited that visual and said "  i want it " the Director called  to Cine Photographer and shared that picture by  my digital camera with him and he  said i want this frame  for our project its true image i want it just shoot it..first. 

Cine Art Photographer asked to Director who shoot it then he was told about me "  this young guy shoot it ". The cine art Photographer were gave me a smile and said me good work boy . That Cine Art photographer shared  my photography with that actress and he was guided her for that true action of her for cine frame .that movement the actress of that cine art was looking to  me but she did not said any word to me.ha

My photography work , i shoot to actress of that cine art unite ,2005
There i were visited , the unite of that cine art were  shoot  my visual on that actress within 10 minutes .that was a great movement for  my art masters . i were saw live art transformation photography to cine photography  . I did shoot to true motion and that true motion got a true art space by a true art promoter .

After shoot that true action of that actress the Cine  Photographer and Director were  happy and told to  me  you were inspired me and  my team so tomorrow you can join us at our hotel we will shoot some more seen there  about our  Cine Project. 

By luck Reporter Amit Sharma was said to me i will go tomorrow for cover to this cine art unite story so its very must  you will come with me , Amit told to me i will say to our editor if he will send  to  you with me for this cine art story. when we came back in press office my reporter Friend Mr. Amit Sharma was explained all story of my photo reporting then all were surprised to me ,there,  my Editor was published some good picture of  my shoot and he saw all pictures  of first day shoot of that cine art unite . 

 1.Cine Art Photographer  in  my vision , 2. Assist Photographer  guiding to camera setting  for perfect shoot.
Second day Reporter Amit  Sharma was called me for join to him about cine art story coverage . so i were went  with Amit at hotel of that cine art team . There i  saw a good welcome by assist photographer my first photo art promoter of that cine art unite . The Director of that cine art  unite  asked to me. are  you come ? good  join us and shoot more picture without any presser , then i were started photo shooting work  .I got  some more picture and on a one movement i said to that actress , can  you stand in light ? i want to shoot some more  picture for our reporting work , she was  accepted  my request and came out to that shooting  room, i were started photography of her and i saw  cine art photographer came and told  to  that actress why  you are  come out in light  ? then that actress told to him ,  he want i come out in light for his art photography so i am here , he have some extra vision about his art work .so its my duty i give space to him for his art work  . 

That All seen or  my  photo art work was noticed  by Director of that cine art Unite , They all were happy to me and my art exercise . In mid of That day myself  and  reporter Amit Sharma  were taken tea With Them and i were noticed too the Director of that cine art unite or Cine  photographer   were inspired to me , so i can say my art vision was inspired to cine art director . 

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

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richard kushinsky said...

the eye of the artist is essential whethers its photos, cinema,fine art ,sculpture or any of the forms of art. without seeing what's important the art work is just pictures. obviously yogendra was able, with his artists' eye to visualize a unique photographand create a piece of art. well done