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Art Vibration - 76



Social Actives Late Shri Girdhari Lal Bhargaw is lunuching our Alumni Browser
In auditorium of J.K.K Jaipur  ,left Side late Artist cum Director of Alumni
RSA Dr. Somhendra Sharma with his natural and  cute Smile  Motion .
Today our Rajasthan School of Art collage pass out art student s  have our own Alumni , a community of pass out art Student of Rajasthan School of art . kind  your information  my  art collage have  150 year old  history  and a very historical  building  about art education and I am proud on myself , if I have done my Fine art masters from this very historical art institute of India .

In our art collage we were learned  , how to relate with society by sound of art , we were knew it from our institute how to design relation with a social environment and how to we react by way of art for strong communication , we knew how to express to our self  by very easy and silent medium in short time . actually we learned from our art institute what is a real duty of a artist in our society , I am happy if I could learned that and I am following to that  art  education rule in  my real art life. This post will prove it in front of  you  .I sure about it ..ha

Here I will share with  you our Alumni art exhibition and that’s true condition , this alumni concept was running in guide line of our senior late  Artist Dr. Somhendra Sharma ji . he was a very good sculptor as a artist he was very good and light mood artist but in his real life he was committed for a other community so I were not lived  very close to him . but we were worked on same place , first he was  my vice principal in Rajasthan School of Art collage and I were student there . After art collage I were joined to Jawahar kala Kendra ,Jaipur . there he was director of Visual art Department so we met every day like a true artist of our nation and we were  knew , we both are student of a strong art institute that’s name is Rajasthan School of art . I have many seen and visuals of our true art relation but this post is not for that matter but  I want to say he was loving to me and  my art dedication .

When Dr. Somhendra Sharma ji was designed the plan of our alumni community then I were joined him as a pass out student of Rajasthan school of art . there I knew he will organize a big art exhibition and that’s title will Alumni of Rajasthan school of art  Exhibition . He was very senior to me and in Rajasthan he knew to almost all senior artists so he was invited to all artist of Pass out from Rajasthan School of Art and we juniors were available for him with our work so that exhibition was getting a very big art exhibition form . Dr. Somhendra Sir was booked  big  Chaturdig Art gallery of Jawahar Kala Kendra . He did designed a very big browser of that first alumni art exhibition and he gave title to that browser VARNIKA .

On  day of art work display  in gallery , I went there with  my work from Bikaner. There I saw lots of art work of our Alumni artists , I did noticed the art gallery wall space will  not cover to all art work after hang on wall. there I saw some complicated senior were busy in space discussion . other side some egoist artist were busy in fight for display on front wall some work was very big and some artists came in gallery with his three to five works , but I were feeling fear and thinking how to this exhibition will get its final display without any fight. because Display  space fight is not a subject of artist but there  that discuss and fight was on . Dr. Somhendra ji and me were watching that complicated condition of art space  , after some time I did finalized  a new idea or concept  for  my art work display. Dr. Somhendra ji asked  to me where is  your paintings I replied  to him I have one painting only for this display Sir, and my art work is not in frame  so I think I will display it on gallery basement , he did watched  my face and then gave me a very cute smile , he asked to me how to  you display it , I said I will share  it with  you after  my display . sir . he said  to me  ok as  you like .

Myself with art work display in fist exhibition of our
 Alumni of RSA,Some junior s & Seniors and Art critic
Pemchand Ghandhi or A handicapped visitor visiting
my work , some senior Artists is busy in lighting to
Exhibition Traditional light lamp at JKK, Jaipur .
I did display  my work on basement of that gallery my work was on paper so I putted that on a big black sheet and on work of art I putted a glass and  my art work was displayed  for exhibition of our Alumni . Simple way for art communication by simple display no discuss no fight  I were lived light .ha

My some seniors and juniors were not happy to  my display they were informed to  Sir Dr. Somhendra ji , then he was said to all I will not say any thing after  yogendra art statement , yogendra is saying it, it  mean that is right for art and our  alumni ok .On that movement  I were created art space in vision of my seniors or sir  and in vision of all alumni artists. No one changed to my art display and I were finished the fight of wall display by a new concept in Alumni art exhibition . That was  my first art performance  in our Alumni. Because that  art display was very different to others .ha

It was came with a strong example when a visitor a handicapped visitor was visited   my work very easily and he said  to me first time I have visited a painting to very close.  Otherwise painting live on wall and I can’t see that very well . that handicapped visitor gave me a right promotion by his art visit or true words  . In that time I saw art critic Premchand Ghandhi was visiting to my work and to that handicapped visitor  . He was  listening his words and then he said to me thanks yogendra with a tit huge .

After display of our first Art exhibition of Alumni , we came on second day at  our gallery and there Dr. Somhendra Sir was lunched our alumni browser , that lunching event was in auditorium of Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur . A social worker late   Shree Girdhari Lal Bhargaw was came for our browser lunching event , after that browser lunching work we all came in art gallery and opened  to our first alumni art exhibition of Rajasthan school of art . All were lighting to traditional lamp and then visited our art exhibition all were asked to me about  my work when they were visited  . I were stand on  my work and said its  my base without this base I am nothing . this Art  base I got from  my Rajasthan School of art and here this art work display is our alumni part .

In second exhibition of our Alumni of RSA .  I were  base of that art exhibition because I did pay fee of 500 Rupees very first in hand of our Alumni Director Dr. Somhendra ji , he got some energy because he did noticed I want to alumni art exhibition for our Art collage pass out , he did organized one more art exhibition , the story was same about Display or  space , same discussion or same fight because we all were same and our nature were same so how to it can change . but I saw some change in  my display , this year I were framed a very small drawing in 8X10 Inches this drawing size was  saying to all,  complete story , in this exhibition  my classmate Sanjay Verma was came with his big brother or with his big art work , I did watching to his condition and vision ,  his big brother asked to me where is  your art work  then I put out my art drawing from  my bag , he saw my drawing size and got angry on his younger brother Mr. Sanjay Verma . because they both came at art gallery by moter bike with that big painting  his big brother was faced lots of trouble on road with that big painting on bike  so he got angry on Sanjay  Art vision not on him ..ha..ha 

Myself with my small art work for Second Exhibition of our Alumni RSA,
In this Picture  i am in mood of  Critical Smile .ha ha ..
But This time  my Senior Praveen Jedia and Suresh Parasar were fixed a small wall space for  my art work display .that was in  very first front of  left side of our art gallery .when they were displayed  my art work on gallery wall, I were invited  to  my junior Chandan Singh  Rathod  for  my photograph with  my art work display . when Chandan was shooting my photo that time all  artists were watching me  and I were laughing very critically  because once again I were gave a new concept about display or art space  to all artists of our alumni  by  my  small art work .ha ha ha ha. There no fight no discussion because I were following to rule of our art education of Rajasthan School of art Jaipur  and our alumni artists were Noticing it very well.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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