Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Art Vibration - 467

I Received To Nature Call For
My Natural Painting Of 2017


Friends we know some time nature is call to us for our presence of mind . it is a natural format in our universe for each one life on this earth or may be in our universe . 

We know time and nature are moving both in our universe , we are feeling it on our earth as a human . we know the life have no control on time and nature, but the time and nature have it for our earth or universe . we can’t change this format of time and nature but according to time and nature we can design to ourselves for a easy life in this time and nature on our earth . 

You know when we follow to time and nature then time and nature are support to us or by that support our life can move easily on this earth about  positive sound of life. 

You know in year 2012 I was started farming work , when my late great grandfather  Shri Bulaki Das Purohit ji ( Madkotadi purohit family ) was passed away , he was dreaming a natural green farm of him and he did shared his dream with me . so as a target I did accepted his dream ( because he was hoping to me very much about his farm dream )  or in 2012 I did started farming work in rain time . 2012 to till 2017  I am continue busy in farming work and completing the dream of my late great  grandfather . I hope his soul is feeling peace after visit to our green farmland or  natural farming work of myself .


In social view that farming work is just farming work  but for me it is a natural painting . I have wrote very much about this art concept in past post  on this art vibration , so I will not rewrite that . because I want to save time . but here I want to share a different think about  my natural painting . here I want to share with  you a important talk about nature or time . 


When we work deeply then time and nature support to us , time and nature indicate to us or   give some hints for advance work according to time or nature . 

This year I was received the hints of time and nature , so I did started my natural painting work before 2 month of farming time in desert . actually a good rain was rained on farm land ( on my natural canvas size 825 X 825 fit’s ) so I was received a natural call in advance by time and nature , the nature or that’s rain was indicated to me for farming work,  by a good rain  so I did that in before time . I was taken the risk ,but that risk was right step of myself about my natural painting . I can say this year time was ordered to me for start to natural painting before time so I did that . 

In thihs  time , nature was raining many time so at present my natural canvas is cover to natural green color . that green grass is completing  silently to dream of my late grate grandfather in nature or time . 

Some time I am feeling the blessing of my late great grandfather in my natural painting or some time I am feeling the nature and time are supporting to me because I am caring to nature and time  too. 

You can say I am hearing to call of nature and work on that call for support  to nature ..here in visuals  you can notice to call of nature or my work.  I did that on call of nature in right time .

 So here I said about this post matter  I received to call of nature for my natural painting ..

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


praveen g nair said...

grate mission bro.. grate

Virve Karotam said...

Respect !

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

My Italian artist friend grate maestro Enzo Marino wrote it about this post in his words ..
He wrote it ..Your love for nature is fantastic. You are the artist - a shaman who organizes the ground and prays for sun or rain. Your art is to shape nature and to color green in the desert. It is not just a concept of mind, but it is also a study and a practice of Qotidian. I admire you...
So thanks to Maestro Enzo Marino Italy ..