Monday, February 05, 2018

Art Vibration - 487

Incredible Gift From  94.3 My FM …

Friends you know last month I shared with  you a post about my  contribution for 94.3 my fm of Bikaner Branch . I gave  my support to team of 94.3 my Fm as a Selector of art work ( but there I presented as a learner from Child Art not as a selector ) .

94.3 my Fm was organized a very big art activity for kids and they collected art paintings from kids  for their art project . I shared about that in last post of this art vibration .

They have completed their commitment so I am feeling incredible sound  around myself . actually they committed for publication of selective works of child artists in form of calendar of 2018 . 

They gave title to that art activity Incredible Rajasthan , but when I invited for collect to my gift from team of 94.3 My Fm , there in office of 94.3 my fm I saw lots of certificates of child artists that was in many thousands so it was incredible  for me . 

 In gift they submitted me a copy of calendar of 2018 . RJ Mayor Tak gifted me that calendar copy in my hand and his team member taken my picture with RJ Mayur or that incredible  Gift .
 In that Calendar  94.3 my fm team used to art works of child artist . they called that art activity RANGREZZ…

The art works of child artists were used as a monthly page of   that calendar so 12th paintings are in that publication , I am feeling happy because I selected that child art for their final selection about calendar publication . Senior Artist Sir Pankaj Goswami ji with me in that selection so thanks to Him because he had cared to true child art by his true art selection with me . 



When I visit to that calendar I said to RJ Mayur Tak or his team its incredible gift for me from your team so I am very thankful for  you or for 94.3 my Fm .

Here in visuals  you will see to selection of myself from that big art collection of 94.3 My Fm . 94.3 My Fm inspired to child artists for their creativity by art activity of RANGREZZ , it was also incredible for child art inspiration  .

Myself is collecting  to Incredible Gift of 94.3 My Fm from hand of RJ  Mayur Tak in Office of 94.3 My Fm 2018

 In visuals of that calendar or child art ,  you will see we selected only subjective art according subject of that art activity,  that subject  was INCREDIBLE RAJASTHAN . we focused on subject or on own creativity of child artists , we selected pure child art or idea in form of painting or visuals. That was tuff job for us specially for me because I am not following to judgment /selection  format about art or for art . I know are is a free space of a artist , no one can judge to that or no one have any right for judge to any artist  work , he /she can show his / her choice according his / her interest , in simple words we can say only  like or dislike that’s all. But they can’t judge to any it is  my view about all kind of arts . 

But when I saw to that artistic calendar of 94.3 my fm I felt surprised because they have completed their commitment about child art promotion . so that was incredible  for me or that calendar copy too.

So here I said about that art gift of 94.3 my Fm 

Incredible gift from 94.3 My FM  ...

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

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