Saturday, April 21, 2018

Art Vibration - 491

A Art work For Folk Culture

Friends you know  my nation is very cultural nation, we have many festivals or events in our culture for recharge to our life style . our culture is  educate to us,  how to live life and how to give respect to others culture or nature too ? 
sketch base of Dheena Gangour for  matheran painting , wall painting

We have folk culture and following that in our life. Because our folk is giving completeness  to our life  in any conditions . so we are  thankful for our  folk culture now . 

Our folk is  traditional or contemporary cum very modern too . because it have an very wild angle and large for easy life. Its giving full freedom to live vision so we are following to our folk culture . 

Myself is Busy In wall painting of matheran art subject Dheena gangour
Last month  my family member the wife of my Elder cousin brother was called to me for a art work . she needed to me a wall painting of folk god Gangour and her husband Isar ji with her son ,we are calling to him Bhaiya . 

The Wife of My Elder Cousin Brother ( I am calling to her Bhabhi  Ji  { wife of Big Brother } …) said to me I want a wall painting in my home for  my folk God Dheena Gangour  so you paint that on wall in traditional style . it was her humble request or demand as a elder ,I noticed her wish is block in her imagination .so  she thought by a wall painting her wish will complete very soon . so I completed her painting wish through my art practice .

I painted wall painting for her . that was Dheena Gangour  family painting in Matheran Style . Matheran painting Style is based from Bikaner but as a art master I can say its came in Bikaner from Ajanta painting style after Ajanta time . its ALA GILA Painting  style with some Tempera style . 

Myself is Busy In wall painting of matheran art subject Dheena gangour
I followed to all rule and regulation of Matheran painting  when I painted that wall painting . for me it was a very different work because I am very contemporary painter , matheran painting style is not my painting style but in art education  I have read about this art and painting so I know the format of matheran painting . that art education was helped to me when I painted that matheran painting on wall of cousin brother home . 

I did copy work for  my Bhabhi ji or her good wish . art is saying  you artist give completeness or peace of mind through your art and art activities .its duty of art and artists so I followed to art duty as a art master . 

Final Painting of Dheena gangour family in matheran Style  by myself . 2018

After  finish to painting of Dheena Gangour Family , I saw a very charming smile with full confidence on face of  my Bhabhi ji . in that time I felt I did my right job as a artist . because her wish will complete by that painting or that painting I painted on her first demand without any demand by myself .

As a art work I noticed the Matheran  painter was painted to that painting in very free mood with lots of creativity or he was added some contemporary tact in his painting , I did modify to that as a art master or you can say I did added  my folk in that painting by  my folk knowledge . 
left side wall painting is myself and right side poster of a senior matheran painter ..

 Here in visuals you can see to matheran Art and  my practice cum copy work of matheran Art . I did it for complete the wish of  my family member because she is feeling it if a painting can complete to her wish , because folk is saying it  , so she is following it and promoting to art and artist from her good wish or wall painting ..

I hope that painting will complete to her wish very soon .. Because it is folk definition ..

So here I said about  my art work..  A Art work for folk culture    

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art 
Bikaner, INDIA

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