Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Art Vibration - 336

Final Touch To Project of
Natural  Painting

Friends  you know last three months to I am busy in project of natural painting . by support of nature I were completed many steps of that natural painting  by rain water or natural farming land .

In first step I were created a fresh natural canvas for natural painting that’s size is 825 X 825 Fits.

After that I were putted corn of  DESHI BAJARI  for natural farming ( in  my  art language natural Painting ) then rain was supported to clay of farmland and then corn was come out from land in green leafs form .

When green leafs were came out from natural canvas then I said farming of oxygen to  my natural farming or painting ..that farming of oxygen was working to last two months from our natural canvas or farm land about our natural fresh environment . 

Yesterday I were went to our farm land , there I saw  my natural painting was converted in cors of DESHI BAJRI . I were put 20 kg Deshi BAJRI corn for natural painting , or for farming of oxygen . 

Yesterday was  my birthday 27 0ctober , so I were shared  my full day on my natural canvas and I were dedicated  my birthday to  my art project natural painting and farming of oxygen. 

In a one day I were collected and completed to work of collection of corn of deshi BAJARI . I were put 20 kg corn and I were collected 2000 kg corn of Deshi BAJARI by this natural painting project . 

In this project I were got help from my family or from our farm keeper . so we were shared 50 /50 corn of our farmland between us , after natural farming , natural painting, or farming of oxygen . 

It was completely natural project for nature , I were not used any comical for farming growth , I were not gave Extra water to natural painting after rain water . so my natural painting was 100 % natural . 

By natural way of farming I were created job for A family of INDIAN farmer or some other sector of farming .

In past post of this art vibration I have shared many visuals and colorful visuals of my natural painting for  your visit and by this post I want to share visuals of final touch of my art project natural painting or farming of oxygen about  your present visit  on  my natural art project . 

 I hope  you will notice and enjoy to  my art project steps by way of natural art  sound or observation of  yours. 

Because it is 100 % natural art project for our natural environment.. so I said final touch to project of  natural painting …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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richard kushinsky said...

Yogendra, well done, now lets get everyone to do the same and we can still save the planet