Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Art Vibration - 339


Friends we know our world society is moving with time by fully support of communication . this communication is moving with us on this earth after our birth or birth of our sense or education .This communication have lots of tools for communication on this earth. We can see to that’s in form of nature and in nature we can see like   sound, light, air, fire, water, dust, hills . clouds ,rain ,  wild life, forest , and etc.

Our historical records are saying about our first communication, that was started by sound  but sound is virtual so we have no any records of our first communication on this earth. But when human was got right education by self observation in our nature. he was learned how to transfer to inner sound in other form for long time communication. so they have started creation of visuals  on hills or in cave for communication with others . today we are saying to that first registered communication records that is cave paintings .ha ha ..ha
 In My view That cave painting is visual language  or a note about that live life or condition. They were started first visual language for dialogue to other human on our earth. They were started crafting of language through the visuals . today our language  experts are accepting it . 


In history time was moved very slow but with time, communication system was moving and improving step by step , in India the time of Vedik kal ,it was produced to visual language in text form they were said to that Sanskriti language . actually that was also symbol of inner sound of educated people or researchers . they have fixed that visual language in mind of all Indian Human Society by communication system  . that was a education format or by that format they were transferred to text  sound and that’s right or a common meaning  in all social mind of that time . so text was working and impacting  to all in a one thing or mean . it could  possible by communication or visuals of inner sound . 

Today in our world  we have unlimited language or unlimited communication system but all are working for one sound that is inner sound or that’s communication with our world society . 

In this communication tool I can see to painting, writing , dance, acting , singing , performing ,it is in section of manual or visible . in Virtual  section I can add to cinema art, photography , printing, or online communication  format ( chatting , web-posting, blog writing,( this art vibration is also include ) and ETC. 

Here I have said to  you lots of about communication or about visuals,  so my friend  you know I am master of fine  art and by this art role , it is  my duty if I say to you this and this and this ..ha 

We know communication is a one and only tool for joint to our world family today . so it is very must we join to this communication system for our life or our better social education system . it can give to us more wild way about  better future or education of  life. 

Communication give to us space for dialogue and dialogue is giving to us more space for vision creation and vision is giving to us more patience and peace for life..

I said it because  last week I were joined visual art seminar and art workshop at Ajit foundation  Bikaner, Padmvibhushit Dr. Vijay Shankar Vyas  was organized that workshop + seminar . he was invited to two senior visual art master Sir Subroto Mandal and Sir TarunDeep Girdhar , they both were connected  to communication system of visuals by form of visual art . 

In two days many young artists of Bikaner were came on stage of live communication with his or her communication tool ( Paintings ) . in dialogue/discussion on visual creation or communication,  I were noticed some critical point of view as a art master . 

Visual is a transformation of inner sound and inner sound is live in human with his/her  own nature or inner demand . we know we all human are not same in our inside.  it is universal truth . in this case we can’t hope same think to others just like our inner sound . we know we can’t get the same sound just like us from other . it is fact . os it is very must we notice it . we are same  we are looking same in form of human but in real  we are not same in or out ! ha .

But it is very must ,  we communicate with other and we know what is in his /her self or what we have in our self . it can possible by communication because communication have power of brake  to silence of time gape or society . so it is very must we communicate with world family by contemporary communication tools that is art, literature and advance online communication system .

At Ajit Foundation we did it . that was a educational seminar for juniors there seniors were like art teachers and junior were students . we did talked and discussion on visuals of each one artist and experts were noticed to Vision of visual creator and communication aim by that workshop .

 In that seminar we were  15th visual creators , workshop director senior visual artist Hari Gopal Harsh, Nagendra Kiradu , Mr. Jehangir , Mohan lal Choudhary , painter Dharma , Ram Bhadhani , Kamal Kishor Joshi , artist Kailash Gahlot Ms.Nahtta , Advocate Suresh , artist Hanuman Suthar ,yogendra kumar purohit( myself )  and two guest artist Sir Subroto Mandal ,Sir Tarun Deep Girdhar and organizer Padmvibhushit Dr. Vijay Shankar Vyas . 

By that art workshop and seminar we were communicate to contemporary visual communication condition of Bikaner with society of Bikaner or Through the  communication tool of online with our world family . we were showed by that workshop  , where we stand in communication system of world visual art ?  

Here some visuals of our two days visual communication seminar or workshop for your visit and notice + observation . 

It was live test of visual language creators  or social communication makers  by experts of visual
communication , because experts know it , visual have power of  communication .

so here I said visual have power of communication …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


richard kushinsky said...

Nothing is truer than a singlr picture is worth a thousand words which is exemplified in this blog Pictures and more pictures hopefully will bring the world to greater understanding.

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

Enzo Marino ( Senior Italaian Artist ) said it about this post of Art Vibration ... I really like the work of Yogendra Kumar Purohit because it transmits the mystery and charm of the vibrations of Mother Earth. He reduces the design essentials and white, black and gray is also the primordial essence of our soul. I am pleased!