Thursday, November 20, 2014

Art Vibration - 340


5 K viewers on Google + about Art Vibration ...till 2014

Friends today  my heart is giving  a great thanks to Google + or that’s team . you know in 2008 I were started blog writing  on google blogger . 2008 to till 2014  I am continue  writing blog post on google blogger with  title ART VIBRATION . 

This ART VIBRATION blog is just like a free space for transfer of my art vision, view, thoughts, ideas . art activities and other art matter of  my art journey  

In one word I can say to this exercise just a documentation of  my art journey .it is virtual but it is very vibrant so I gave title to it ART VIBRATION . In seven years I have shared  340 something posts on this blog . I post a post on blog  when I think I can share  some  true art sound with world art family or with our world family too. 

Basically I am master in visual art  writing is not  my subject but this blog were gave me space for art writing or learning of art writing so I am thankful for google blogger team. They were cared  my art motion or inner art sound about share with my world family .

In this way I am family member of google and google is also my family member in this virtual web world or in real impression of this virtual sound of art . Google know how to care the art space and how to share that or save that for world art   education .

On blogger when I were started writing of art matter of myself art journey that time I were not wrote  much more post  because in that time  my English was so week and limited . but blogger team was care to  my blog space one year continue with one post of art vibration . that was not a very good post but that was a true post of  my inner art sound .  by blogger  page  .com web art magazine was published  my first post from .com so I am thankful for google blogger team. 

Today  this art Vibration have completed 5K ( five Lakh ) viewers by google +  page on google . it is surprising condition for  me or  my visual art journey. I have viewers of  my inner art sound or reader of  my art writing . it is magical feeling for me from google web magic . 

By google blogger or google + my art writing have touched to all world critics and art masters . mostly all art masters, art societies , art galleries  or art museum have noticed  to this art vibration blog by online communication its result today Google + showing 5k something viewers have visited and noticed to this art vibration of myself . 

So I said a great thanks to google blogger team or to google + because today 5k viewers on google + 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Astrologer Sidharth Jagannath Joshi said...

5K कोनी 5Lakh है

Anil Kumar Sharma said...

5 lakh is 500 K.