Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Art Vibration - 341


Friends we know life have commitment to death. Our live  life condition care to our soul before our death , here soul care work of our body is a live commitment to our death . or in our live condition we live lots of commitments every day for our body system or for our social system on our earth .

Someone committed to our nature they are great person of our  earth because they are thinking for better life on earth by way of nature or that’s commitment  to life. In this list of commitment I can add to Saint ,teacher , social worker, thinker , writer, artist , creator , and researchers or carry persons. 

I am thinking it because I am master of Fine Art so it is in  my nature . because I have read to nature from  my observation or it is very must for me if I observe to nature or that’s complete system about  life and live..too .

Friends I am thinking about it because last month I were felt it . when  my first academic Art Teacher  Sir Vinod Acharya was came at  my studio and he was expressed his right critical condition with me . I were noticed his real critical condition and then I said I will support to  you Sir because it is  my first duty as a student of  yours .

Actually he wanted to me help in visual art teaching  to 12th class students . they are art and drawing Students of a school .I  can’t forget to help of  my art teacher , yes   My first Academic  Art Teacher Sir Vinod Acharya was guided me when I were needed right guide line for  my visuals art journey  in  my school  time , I were  in class 12th ( Fine Art ) but today  In  my M.M. School Fine Art Subject is off from Education department of Ajmer Board, Rajasthan  ( it is very critical ) but it is ..ha ( I am thinking where to come next  art master from Bikaner  without Fine Art Subject  ? ) 

This year School of My first Academic Art Teacher was gave a duty  to  my  first academic art teacher vinod Acharya for teaching to Art And drawing to art Students . so my teacher said to  me “ yogendra  you give me help then I can create confidence in my school art students .

My teacher was needed my help so I said yes I will come with  you that movement I did a self commitment to me , actually that was  my art commitment to  my first academic art teacher . 

when I went to his school there I saw many students were not interested in subject art and drawing . when I were talked to them then they were said to me sir we can’t create any art from  our hand we can’t sir,  we can’t . 

That time I said to all art students , dear you all will create fine art work from  your hand  in a one week , I sure about it. They said to me “ it is not possible “ . but I said  you will do it , because I know it as a art master . ha  

Fist day they were created some sketches on my instructions that was just a live test of students mind or art interest. I were observed possibility in their art exercise and then I got fully confidence in me.
Today after seven days I saw 25 something students were created a color still life work after seven days exercise  with me . I saw a magical result from all students they were done  very fine work in very short time with full confidence  or dedication .  

They were surprising to principal of their school or to art teacher of them when they were visited their class work after seven days . it was a live reward to me from dedication of art students of my first academic Art Teacher school .  

In this live art exercise I were completed  myself commitment , I were gave first result of art exercise in seven day by a first  colorful art work of all art students of that School . 

In this commitment of art  I were planned in myself vision, first I will give free space to students for fear free expression in front side of myself , I will not put presser on mind of art students , I will not help directly in drawing and painting  from  my hand and I will not depress to any one  in my art class when they create and draw something mistakenly , by this self commitment or rule of commitment I could  created a very light and art environment in our art class or that’s result is come out in seven days with first colorful still life art work . some visual of first result of art commitment about  your visit with  this post.  

So here I said to it commitment To myself …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Anonymous said...

the true artist first teaches himself and then if his vision is clear he must impart that learning to others, either by his work or by his actual teaching, either way is the pure road

richard kushinsky said...

somehow the statement I mADE GOT Publishes as 'ANONYMOUS

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

Congratulations! I like you as a teacher and as a man! You're on your way!
ENZO MARINO Italy said it to me on facebook after notice to this post of art vibration ..