Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Art Vibration - 345



Heritage , This word have a very strong message for us or about relation of our life and culture . 

We human are result of our past human history . Heritage is teaching to us itself because that is result of exercise of minded person of pasts . Heritage is a real guide line for progress of life in present or future . Heritage is giving to use a right path for relation to past and present for future . 

A critical work on Heritage  Subject by me , i did shared it with WMF.

We Know heritage is a record of our past time or that’s life progress. it is base of present life or that’s live culture . without Heritage we can’t create new definition of present culture . actually our past time is our heritage that time is creating new way of vision from our life exercise about live better in peace and love . 

I did participated in photography presentation of Heritage
Heritage is not bounded in a one form or identity it is a very large canvas  in  my view , our life style is come in us from our Heritage , our home structure design coming in our vision from our past Heritage our culture sound is  gift from our Heritage in culture we can see how to get refreshment of mind by way of cultural activity , that can be dance, singing, writing, painting, performing ,cooking and research . 

 I am saying it  because I am observing it in our Heritage . as a art master I am doing Art exercise for care to Heritage time to time . in this art exercise I did few big work on Heritage care subject . on this art vibration I have shared  with  you for  your observation. 

My art exercise about Care to Heritage I have shared  with a true worker of our world , they are committed for care to real heritage of our world as a team.that team name is WORLD MONUMENTS FUND society .They are working for care to world Historical building  Structure . so in  my view they are caring to one part of our world Heritage in form of Historical Building Structures . I were also done some art work on this matter , that was for our  Bikaner city or that’s Historical Buildings RAMPURIYA HAVELIS .   

That critical art work I were shared  with Heritage Care society  WMF by mail from my yahoomail. They were noticed  my art exercise about heritage care .that day to till today I am connected  with them as a family member of our world Heritage care. 

Critical art work on Heritage Building of Rampuriya Havelis of Bikaner by me , i did shared it with WMF

Time to time  we communicate on Subject of Heritage by online communication . so I can say Heritage is creating relation . ha 

Today on my yahoo mail I have received  a Holiday greeting from world monuments fund society . they are saying to me thanks  or in reply I am giving thanks by this blog post to them or by update a link of WMF.ORG link on my art vibration blog page for always . 

The team of WMF was posted me a greeting with good words about  my true relation with WMF . in that greeting many team member of WMF was shared his/her true felling for me so I am very thankful or regarded for them .

Here that’s greeting copy for your notice ..

And by this post they will notice  my regards and respect for their true work of Heritage care because they are not care only heritage of our World they are creating today true relation  to world  people for future heritage . 

So here I said Heritage mean Relation

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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