Friday, December 26, 2014

Art Vibration - 347

What Is Income Of Art ?

Photo from google image ..Mother Teresa
Today our world is going for next year of our earth life with our contemporary life culture . today our life is very fast and in fast life  we human are thinking for gain to everything in very short time . we think our life base is lots of income of money  . but as a art master I am thinking about income,  then I am always getting a one question from me that is what is income of art ? 

You know after  my B.F.A. art education I were started  my own art studio in year 2003 .seven years continue I were gave art service to society from  my art studio by work of digital photography  art work. In that seven years I were felt to myself as a machine of photo editing or then printing. my art sound was not felt completeness  in myself . I were asked to myself what I am doing income or what ? I asked to myself it is  your art income ? only digital art work is  your true and final art ? can it give  you  your real art  income ? this kind of questions were  compressing to  my thinking and I were going in tens . but I were not got  a right answer about question of what is income of art ?

In year 2010 , on 1st January , I were broken to all limitations or pressers of  my mind , I were started new thinking about income of art . In 1st January 2010 , I were closed to  my art studio for social art service or income of money  . that was very critical action of myself  for social system but there I were knew that studio job is not  my real art income in this art journey . 

I were blocked to way of  money for  my art studio and I were stopped to digital photography service from my art studio . I were locked  to main door of  my art studio. This year is fourth year of lock on my studio . 

When I were stop to social income of money that time I were informed  to Dr. Amitab Bachchan  ( cine artist of INDIAN cinema ) Sir very first . he was noticed  my critical art condition and then he was promoted to me for this art journey . He was noticed  my art motion and sense of visual art or  my art degree level . he was guided me  I am going on right way for real income of art . 

Or in this four years art exercise  I can know some right way of income of art. Here I can define to income of art as a creative art master . income of art is  connection  to culture, system, society or to common person of our world family about right education of peace and love for better world and social life.

HOn'ble President of India is submitting Bharat  Ratan Award to Sachin Tendulkar
In our world family  we have lots of social communities , they are always paying a right reward to a right person of our world that same logic is working on artist or creative person of our world family . today we have in our world culture  Nobel prize, it is a right income of a creative person when he /she get it from society of Nobel prize . they are not asking to creative person what is  your bank balance or  your money income ? they are asking what is in your vision for world peace or love and what kind of exercise  you are doing in our contemporary world family for real peace and love ?

Yesterday  in my country I were noticed a very good answer about income of art . our Hon’ble  former Prime minister of INDIA  Sir Atal Bihari Bajpai ji  was got  India’s top most reward  Bharat Ratan reward for his creative  sound from Government of INDIA . in his real life he is  a great politician but in field of creativity/art  ( poetry ) he is  a real peace creator of INDIA .our Hon’ble Former Prime Minister  Sir Atal Bihar Bajpai ji was got income in his real social life a top post of Indian government system that was prime minister post and in art or poetry field he is gain  real art income that is Bharat Ratan reward . this reward news was gave me once again full confidence about question of income of art .

 So here I said it what is income of art ?

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.


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Dada ye sab kyon likhte ho. studio chalu kar lo aor income of art, art for income, ye sab chalu karlo.

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the best way to predict future is to shape it

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Molding the present time as per your desire,need and requirement will give you a prospective tomorrow

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Yogi Baba ye sab band karke thora Meditation karlo, socho ki kya ho raha hain, aou main kya kar raha hu.

Like, Good. marvelous, Awesome comments ke chakar main mat paro.

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thanks for your input.... Benchmark Support