Friday, December 05, 2014

Art Vibration - 342

Big Project Complete to Big Step…

Year 2008 of Myself ....
Friends After my master of fine art education .i were achieved to some right way for visual art Journey . there I were noticed and learned  about real painting or art . I were tried to expressed to  my art vision by painting ,  today I am remembering my first free expressionism painting , that was come out by me from  myself observation on art and painting . I were gave title to that painting  only ART. You can, say by my vision I were search to my inner art sound and I did found that by me  . today that painting in collection of Juneja  Art Gallery Jaipur . 

After that painting I were concentrated on myself observation , year 2006 to till 2008  I were created many paintings by water color on paper  and I were expressed to myself view and observation , in that time I were created painting  on subject  social life, on feelings, on Life and on myself . I were getting to art step by step  through exercise of expression of self observation about art and life. 
year 2009 of myself ...

After 2008 to till 2014 I am continue busy in art work of Myself ,  you know about it very well because in past posts of this art vibration I have shared may  time many posts time to time on  myself  art work or exercise. 

In year 2009 I were started only drawing of myself study . I were used only pen ink , pencil on paper. When I were started Drawing that  time I were not confident about a long journey with drawing format . I were moving on art space with line and texture or  self  observation . I were defined to myself by symbols in drawing . I were expressed  myself life condition in this drawings , I saw to life  like a poem and I said  my all paintings of myself is also a big  poem in format of drawing . 

year  2012 of Myself .....

This journey of drawing was gave me a right dedication, self control and a fine rhythm of life. So in  my view it is a magic of art or art nature . today I have completed six years  in a one drawing format that is very limited but I am very comfort with it .thats all . 

year 2012  of  Myself ...
In this  Art Journey I have faced many up and down of  my social life, I have faced many up and down of  myself emotional  side of heart,  I have faced lots of pain and handicapped condition but after  creation of each one drawing I were forgot to all pain and tens of my social life so I said thanks to Art and I am saying it always to time and art environment . Thanks …

Year  2013 of myself

In drawing visuals I have draw  many changes , that was come out from me naturally just like a flow of water , I were not stop to that because I were knew art is a flow of energy + vision + expressions ..ha 

year  2013  of  Myself

In this six years  I have completed 1,500 visuals , it mean 1,500 days of  my art life , I have shared to art and art gave me this kind of result it is - dedication, patience , discipline and creation of love and peace .

year 2014  of Myself
In this self art commitment I were taken  a hard test of  myself patience , I were leaved lots of but I did not leaved to art and art is not leaving to me , because I noticed it , time have been designed to  me for art or for love and peace Design in our world art family . 

Year 2014 of Myself ...
So I said  to this art exercise or  art journey  a big project complete to big step ….

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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