Monday, December 29, 2014

Art Vibration - 348

Creativity Work By Soul Power

cuk gS ’kkg dk eqykfte]fQjs gS brjkrk !
cxjuk ’kgj es fd xkfyc]dh vkc# D;k gS !!

This poetic lines were came out from vision of great poet of INDIA , we are calling to him GALIB . in this poetic words he was proved his real soul power and sound of his true creativity so here i started  this post with his true poetic words .

In this poetry he said his true love of creativity and criticize on a worker of King . Sir  Galib said  to worker of king , you are in ego because  you are with power of king , in this ego condition you are exposing to my condition in society  like a non states person . but realty was very different. Today we all know to creativity of Sir Galib not to that egoist  worker of king is true ..

I remember this story because last week I were saw  a very close story of Sir Galib with a another creative person or a writer of Rajasthani language . a society of literature persons were went to home of a very senior writer sir SuryaShankar  Pareek , a 93 years old  writer of Rajasthani language language is a medium for him or our creativity. so it is not a matter for my thinking , he is a writer in but in  my view he is a very creative person of  my nation . by text he was created many views for literature readers or observers . 

He has dedicated his life for Rajasthani Literature . at his home I saw he was in very critical condition today , he can’t walk, he can’t move by himself , he can’t see to any one properly but his soul power is working in him for his true creativity . when we were talked to him then he was shared some good creative poetries  with us in his own  voice without any book reading ,. In his critical  condition he was very conscious for his memory or about creative work of poetry . there I were noticed creativity is work by soul power  in a life of creative person. 

I could understood his soul power was wanted more space for express to his self  but his body was  not supporting to him that critical condition was blocking to his creativity , it was critical . he want to talk but his body energy was not permitted to him much more talk, he want write but his hand is not support to him for creative writing . but in his consciousness he have soul power for more creativity . I can say  time is attacking on creative person  by side of age sector , it is natural  so we human have no any way for come out to  this age factor system in our life. 

There we all literature and art persons were gave a reward + respect to Rajasthani Writer Sir SuyraShankar Pareek . that time he was very happy and in tens for language of Rajasthani .he said Rajasthani language is  our  mother . ( it was a noticeable point , because a dedicated senior creative writer of India was said  it , in his 93 years age ) .

After Activity of Reward and photo session. there  ( I did photography of that live reward activity by me  as a art master . in a small room I were set a small set for better group photo of all literature persons . I am happy if I could done that .  ) creative writer Sir SuryaShankar pareek  was gave a order to his grandson , his grandson was gifted to us a book of sir SuryaShankar pareek . that was poetry book of rajasthani language .

As a record we all literature and art persons of that reward activity were taken a autograph to sir Suryashankar pareek on his  book . that movement was very critical because he want to gave autograph to everyone and he was giving but he could not wrote any words of his name as a autograph , we all were got only fresh lines from his energy that was came out from his soul power and his body was following to that presser of his soul power for write his name.  but his hand was not supporting completely  to his mind order so he was draw line on his books as a autograph . I did gave respect to his soul power or to his fresh line. because I knew his creativity and soul power was working  but his body and age was not supporting to him  in his 93 years age . 

so after saw  that live critical condition of creativity  I said here creativity is work by soul power ..

yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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