Sunday, December 21, 2014

Art Vibration - 346


Kids are flower of our family garden , kids are fruits of our family tree .kids are light of our family home .kids are future of our heritage . but some uneducated people are not know it . they have forgot if they were kids in his one and only life. they are not know kid time is real freedom of life .

 Today some dead bodies are creating dead bodies on our earth by guns and boms. We have defined to them terrorist . death is their aim or game  too. Terrorism  is their god. They know only creation of terror and dead body in our world .

They don’t know peace can come in their life by creation of real peace in other life . 

They are blind to vision or in blind vision condition they are killing to future of our world ..they are running far to real struggle of life .they are running far to their responsibility of life , they are running far to real life education that’s result is  all side death and dead bodies of them and they all are dead bodies  Today. In front side of world life. Ha 

Last week In Pakistan city Peshawar terrorist were attacked on  kids they were killed 132 kids of our world family , they kids were learning and getting right education for life  in   school . may be they will change to our future view for better future of our world from their right education of peace . 

But some dead bodies were converted them in same format of their life.  yes in dead bodies format. I felt pain when I were read  that mad action of terrorist by news paper in morning time at home , my eyes were  wet and I were remembering the words  of  MASIHA he said , they don’t know what they are doing ….?

On that critical motion of myself I were said few critical words in poetic language that is in Hindi ..

Here that’s copy for  your  reading..

 ख़ुदा न बक्क्षेगा जुर्मे कत्ले आम करने वालों को ,
खुदा न बक्क्षेगा जुर्मे कत्ले आम न रोकने वालों को !!
कहर बरपेगा इस कदर उन काफिर जल्लादों पर ,
रहम खुदा  भी चाहकर न कर पायेगा फिर उन पर ! 

On date 20-12-2014 , At Jantar Mantar place of Delhi , INDIA.   some writers and artists  were expressed his / her inner pain about terror attack on kids of Pakistan , there my friend writer Sayeed Ayub was read my  poetic critical words on that terrorist attack in Pakistan .  

In same motion I were thought about Christmas  or about Santa , I thought what gift Santa will give to kids on this Christmas . in this thinking process I got a visual with some more critical . I were converted that in digital  format by photoshop or by support of google image . 

After creation of that image I were got some confusion for share or not to that creation on online for visit of our world family .in same time I were saw a another critical visual with sound of SANTA . that illustration was updated on facebook from

This page image was shared for  my visit  from  our international art Critic Sir Vinod Bhardwaj INDIA .

Here that image for your visit..

In reply I were shared my illustration work on same matter with different view . 

When I saw that  shared image of Santa from Sir Vinod Bhardwaj I got confidence about  my view because in a one time many visual artists are thinking  like same and expressing that . with true action of art . 

It is showing we visual artists are  living  in contemporary time of our world and we are following to our art duty as a artist . 

Here in two image  you will see one think or two views around Santa or subject of kid protection . 

So here I said two view about one Santa ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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