Monday, December 15, 2014

Art Vibration - 344

Exercise By Life
For Food Of Wild Life

We know our nature have give and take system. And this system is teaching to us  itself for our live survive on this earth. Every human is live busy very fist to care to his/her self and then they can think for others with duty or responsibility of  care them. It is universal truth . 

In life  we have same give and take system or by this system we are follower of our nature system , this natural system is balancing to our earth nature and environment it is another true we all human are know it as a family member of this human family  of planet earth. 

I am thinking for nature , this art vibration or its some posts are proving it about my art nature or my nature love. 

Last week I were done a one more exercise for care to nature or that’s wild life by support of human life on our earth. It was a complete natural work for life of fresh nature . 

You all know  few month before I were done natural painting ( natural Farming ) After that work of natural farming I were collected corns for food of  human life. And on natural canvas I were leaved dry sticks of that natural farming . so last week I were converted to that dry sticks in form of food of wild life. ( in Rajasthani Language we are saying to that KUTTAR - small pieces  of long sticks of dray farming grass ) In desert site cows are eating to that KUTTAR and then cows are giving lots milk with  good qualityto human life  . here we can notice to system of nature give and take .wild life also following to system of our nature on planet earth. 

We were converted  in dry grass piece  to dry grass  sticks , that was 1500 kg , five cows will eat that grass pieces one year or in one year that cows will give more milk to human life with better quality of milk. There in a one day we eight  humans  were completed that wild life food creation work from our energy .  we all were busy for care to wild life and caring to natural farming products that was dry grass sticks . 

We did showed  our full respect for nature or wild  life and we did worked  hard with full dedication . by  visuals  you will notice how to we did that natural wild life care work from us. 

There we were  converted to dry grass in form of small pieces of grass sticks and transported for village cows . two villagers were collected that Kuttar ( grass pieces ) for their cows , they were committed for care to wild life so they were busy with us in our exercise by life  for food  of wild life.and they were happy because they were collected natural food for their cows from his hands . 
So here I said it exercise by life for food of wild life…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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