Saturday, June 11, 2016

Art Vibration - 429

His Literature Is Giving Vision To Common Life

Dr. Nanad Kishor Achary
Literature , This word have complete philosophy of life . Literature  word was introduced to world about culture, language, style ,design, education , vision and much more of  past , present or future  human  life . it is a one word but in this one word we can observe and see a very big  dictionary ,library or a complete institute  for education of life. This word have many styles today . we are calling to that writing of   article , story, song , poetry , drama , reporting  etc. ( I am master in Painting  but I think  my visual is also part of this literature  but that’s style is in color and line . ) so all kind of creative activities are  in under of this word literature . we know that  all form of art have different presentation , but that’s meaning is one .it  is come in sense of literature word. 

So you can say to me a literature person..ha ha..

You know I am living in Bikaner this city is running  by support of  this literature word to last 529 years , Otherwise  here nothing for live to life. You know here every side is  desert and environmental struggle  too , we face it , it is true . So life is moving in trouble  condition . but the word literature is creating patience in my city people’s.  this word is design the patience  in vision of  my city People’s  when they follow  to this word literature . 

Dr. Nanad Kishor Acharya  with Pro. Shri Vijay S. Vyas or Shri Rajendra  Boda at JKK, Jaipur. file photo by me 
You know educated  people of  my city have many NGO for promotion of this word  Literature . they are organizing literature event mostly every week for create to  literature environment  about love and peace in vision of people . My City have a very strong  literature history and this city was gave many big literature person  to  Nation . That  list is very big  of name of literature person of  my city . Today Bikaner  is adding more fresh literature person  in that list  so you can say That list  is endless . Because literature is a culture of City Bikaner. I am lucky  if I am here and joining to literature person time to time .when they feel time have to come for face to society by literature .  

At Present we Bikaneri people’s  are  feel proud on us because Dr. Nanad Kishor Acharya literature person, critic , writer, poet, a big thinker is from Bikaner . He is committed writer for Hindi literature , Hindi is Mother tong of our nation  . His Literature is not only article , poem or Drama writing work . he is not working for award collection format , his writing of literature is giving a  right vision to life. He is not writing for self promotion , he is dedicated for writing and by writing he is educating to people’s . his literature is calling to people for right aim of life . he is not believe  in imaginative god or God world . but  by literature he talk to imaginative god image  and he asked to god lots of  question in critical sound  . his questions are open to vision of common man . 

Many publisher are publishing  his poems in book format . but  I think he is writing and noting his concept , thinking and views on paper  in very limited or short words  for educate to people . he is write to his view in symbols for easily communicate  with  readers or listeners .

Dr. Nanad Kishor Acharya was read his poems at Maharaja Narendra auditorium Bikaner . 2016 ,photo by me

His poetic rhythm is very simple  just like a conversation or discuss . I can connect his talking way to Christ Jesus . Christ Jesus was  talking to people in simple rhythm but he was giving a right vision to people for their right duty on this earth .This same sound  I am observing  in Literature sound of  Dr . Nanad Kishor Acharya , when I listen to him through  his own voice or face to face. It is true ,  nothing after it ..

His  words are telling to listener the right  research on  life by vision of himself  .  he is  not copy to anyone but he is discussing to literature person of past ,present or future through the literature concept .   
 I think  his literature is  like a bucket of well  and the mind of common man are like wells so his literature bucket is pull up to water  ( vision  ) from well ( mind of common Man ) . his literature  is give a height to vision of his listener . he is giving a right education to thinker of life . 

Dr. Nanad Kishor Acharya is a very practical literature person . he is not saying anything without  any logic,  his logic is come in his vision by hard research on subject and topic . he is not accept anything  without logic . so I can say Dr. Nanad Kishor  Acharya is a very logical literature person of my nation . we know a right logic can give a right way to life. But he is not pressurize to anybody for follow  to his literature Guideline , it mean his literature is giving freedom full canvas  to listener’s , I can say it because I am  feeling it when I listen to his literature when he read that  in literature event. 

Dr. Nanad Kishor Acharya was read his poems at Ajit Foundation Bikaner 2016 .. photo by me .
 His poetic sound is a reflection of his vision or research,  I am visualizing a mirror image of time or  condition in poetic sound of Dr. Nanad Kishor Acharya . Senior citizen Dr. Nanad Kishor  Acharya is doing his right duty about this city, nation and our world too . he is full time committed for give a right vision to human life by literature . His literature is  gaining  a right aim . Because People are educating  him/herself when they are read / listen to literature of Dr. Nanad Kishor Acharya .  

So here I said his literature is giving  vision to common life …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA