Thursday, June 16, 2016

Art Vibration - 430

My Musical Sound is Order To Myself

Music it is a very easy medium of art/ communication/connect to society  . its work on sound webs . on our Earth all life’s or wild life’s   have a natural sound . that is live in them. Our body function is creating sound . but that is just voice, we can’t  say to that sound . The sound can get a right meaning when our vision is mixed with our voice . we can say our voice is a track  of our Inner sound . 

Inner sound mean is  our conscious, sub conscious or unconscious part of heart cum vision .philosopher Sigmnud  Freud was told it very early in our history . I were read it and felt it when I was in painting Education at Rajasthan School of art Jaipur. 

Our inner sound have lots of mediums after our own voice for express to it. I have very first academic education of painting it is tool or track of  my inner sound . in childhood age when I were not student of Painting  that time I were performing to  my inner sound by music , I were playing CHANG ( a folk music instrument of Rajasthan ) .

When I were expressed  to  my inner sound by chang  then many villagers were dancing on tune of that folk musical instrument.  actually they were communicating   to  my inner sound  by their dance performance . I could touch to their inner sound by  my inner sound but our express tool was different or that’s sound was totally different  but that was communicating between us , one was folk music ( I was performing ) second was dance ( they were performing ) over all we were talking from our soul to soul and getting complete peace and relax by our inner sounds . 

Today I am remembering this true past story of  my life. because in this days , my inner sound is promoting to me and demanding to me some musical track for my inner sound . so I were lived busy continue a couple of week  in work of update to musical instrument, The  guitar . 

A old fashion guitar I were collected from my cousin . I were not played  music by that guitar. because that was damaged . so I were used that guitar  in  my studio.  many common person was wanted their photograph with that old fashion guitar . actually I were painted that so that was looking good  in photo visuals . seven years that guitar was used only for photography in  my studio.  

But in last week  my inner sound was wanted  to me track of music about  my inner sound . so I were started work on that 20 years old guitar . first I were setup to that’s all damaged wood part from  my hand and then I were recoverd to that’s band then  guitar was came in a right shape . After that  I were painted that  in white or gray color so that’s look was changed . after color work I were fixed original wire on  that guitar so guitar  was updated for musical tune . 

 It was a live exercise for me I did work on a damaged guitar and after some art and craft work  that was came in natural  form for musical performance . I don’t know how to play to guitar but when  my figure touch to guitar wires that is create a good sound of  my inner sound , so  I were  feeling  nice and enjoyed to inner  motion in myself . May be after few days I can perform better from  my inner sound through that old fashion guitar . But at present I just follow to order of  my inner sound . so I could updated to guitar for my musical sound /vibration . it is sure new  beginning because when I were buy the wires of Guitar in same time I were buy a flute of bamboo stick , it was also a order of  my musical sound  so I did buy to a flute . on flute  I were also expressed to my Musical sound . that is  not perfect but flute music is showing to  my inner musical sound .

So here I said  My Musical sound is order to myself …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA



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I love reading your blogs. Wonderful story.

Unknown said...

So nice !...and I remember, that you have an enjoyable singing voice.

सुनील गज्जाणी said...

laajaavab hai aap aap aur aap kaa vaadan ! mangal kamnayen