Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Art Vibration - 446

A Review By Facebook On My

Art Journey Of Year 2016

Friends we all are facebook users on online networks . this year the facebook have shared a video review of year 2016 for us . the team of facebook was collected some important information or updates of year 2016 and then they were created a video graphic presentation for us by facebook.

Liked Report in Review presentation of facebook 2016
 It was surprising for us . when we saw to our live presentation or that’s likes record from facebook on our facebook page . 

 This year I did got 30,168  viewers on facebook for  my art work visit . it mean facebook have show .the people were  noticed to  my art updates and some other updates of  my art journey on facebook . 

Actually  Facebook team is getting creativity in mask communication and they are launching some creative  views and reviews for facebook users . it is very creative communication path for our world communication so thanks to team of facebook by  my soul . 

For me facebook is a very easy way about  my art presentation. I am saying ,its  my live art Exhbition for 24 hours  about art visit for  my world family . last week I have completed the friends limit on facebook  page. I did got 5000 friends  then I were created a new page for connect to more artist or art family members on this facebook communication path . 

People are connecting  and they are knowing to me or about  my art journey , and in this format of communication , facebook or that’s review of 2016 is very much  helping to my art journey . so here I am sharing this post or that review 2016 of facebook  by the link of facebook update .

I did watched others reviews on facebook video . in a one design of presentation facebook have mixed or  created video presentation for all users of facebook . it was creativity or equality for all users of facebook. It mean the team of facebook is giving same level rank to all users of facebook . it is a good think by them . I respect of this creative or equal nature of facebook. 

I am sharing  it on this art vibration because I want to give long life to this review of facebook and I want to share with other networks of online for their creativity or observation. Because this kind of creativity or review is inspire to more creators of online networks or this kind of art work is give long life to true art communication by way of love and peace for love and peace in our world . 

This short review of myself on this art vibration is a thanks to facebook or that’s team  plus  their review concept .Because their noticing activity on facebook updates or a review on that updates is showing the team of facebook is with all users of facebook . It is making full confidence in users of facebook . I am feeling it so I am telling it at here for facebook nature . 

Friends of facebook ...

So here I said about facebook review 2016 , A review by facebook on my art journey of 2016 ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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