Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Art Vibration - 461

Two Work Dedicate To Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci

Friends we know to Great Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci or his creative power . He was done lots of works for our world art with lots of ideas or that’s designs . in practical his all design is work today for our social life in our world .

You know I have completed  my masters in Painting in that art education I was  read to great maestro Leonardo Da Vinci . He was done lots of work through art vision , he was a gifting  artist of our world by art and art vision . He was gave lots of social gifts for use of Society . I read his life when I was art student in my art collage . A one artist is give sense for everything , it is inspiring punch for me from  great Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci .
This year I was updated  to my blog with Image of Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci or his art work . or this post I want to dedicate to maestro Leonardo Da Vinci , because in last week or in this week I have completed two creative work at my home . that is not direct art work but art is in that work process I know it,  because in mid of work I felt it naturally so I am saying it .

Last week I were re setup to water supply of  my bathroom at  home , actually two pipes were damaged in wall so water was came out to wall , I noticed that critical condition of our home wall and started work like a sculptor , i did cut some part of wall and pull out to damaged old iron water pipes . after that I was changed to setting of pipes for future , that was new design work on old setup design . after fix to new plastic pipe I was covered to wall by cement . when cement plaster was set with wall then I was pasted ceramic tiles in my bathroom by  my hand . over all in five days I did controlled to fault of water supply in my home by under wall fitting . ( when I was pasting to ceramic tiles on wall I felt to mosaic art work ..it is true ) .

In that work I saved to too  much  money and I was tested myself confidence or mind capacity about critical work /about other work but related to art sound of myself or great Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci .
This week I was started a new work at home it is not complete art but art in this work  you can feel it , when you read it and visit to my work visuals by this post .

I am living in Bikaner,  here in April Month  The environment is near  46 degree hot so home need coolness for our body and mind relax . it is possible by cool air . so I was started a new work in this hot environment about our home . I used a good cooler of our Home , and some plastic pips and that’s joint bands . on my roof I was fixed a iron Design  that’s look like a Pyramid of Egypt ( I was created that design in year  2003 -04 )  . actually that pyramid design is a cover of our roof case . that’s giving light and stop  to rain water in rain time . in that pyramid design I have leaved a window so that window I was used in this cooling home ,project work  .

First I was created a frame by pipes or bands  after that I fixed a water proof cover on that frame , that frame I was fixed to both side . one side was fixed on air cooler  or second side I was fixed on roof case that is in my Pyramid design . so today that cooling home project got final touch and in evening time we were enjoyed to complete cool home by one air cooler or two fans in this hot environment of my City Bikaner.

This second work I was completed for care to my two month old Niece , she is very soft bady this hit can create critical condition for her  so cool environment is very must for her , her doctor told to us , we have Ac in home but that is in room , our side of room we have no AC box but the little one need oxygen so we move with her in out side of her room , The  hit environment is creating critical condition for here health so it was very must . so  I did it from my art and design work capacity . it is working or it is successful . my success is recalling to me the work process of great maestro Leonardo Da Vinci  so I am dedicating  my two  work to him .

Great Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci is teaching to all creative artists , his work is saying to all , you do practice and try then you can get success , I felt  his very important  art education in mid of work many time . so I am dedicating  my two work to him . 

So here I said about it , I am dedicate  my two work to  Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA             

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