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Art Vibration - 460

Mumbai Diary 2017

Myself At Bikaner  Railway  Station 29 march 2017
Mumbai the city of India , it is making dream of  common man , we Indian are saying our MUMBAI is not sleep ,it is running 24 hours without brake ,it is true , I can say it because I lived  this true condition of Mumbai  in last week when I was in Mumbai .

To Mumbai I was connected  in year 2000 that year to till today this city is connect with me or  my art sound . 2000 , 2001 , 2003,2007  and then the last week of  2017  ,I was  in Mumbai for my art sound or that’s connection with art galleries , art institute or art Societies. Here I will not share to past stories ,  because I have new art matter of last seven days for share with  you.

This year I was in Mumbai after 10 years , but I could not felt if I am in Mumbai after ten years . my inner sound and the sound of Mumbai was matched or mixed because my vision or life style of Mumbai are same that’s base is creative vision for life progress through the creativity .  

Last week I was in Mumbai for seven days  , it was  my art tour of Mumbai . actually I was invited from Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation , Mumbai , That Foundation was exhibited a very big art exhibition at Nehru Center Mumbai on date 30 March 2017 . so after online communication I thought, I should meet to live to Mr. Dahanukar or to team of PDAF . so I was planed for my Mumbai tour. My aim was only art and art and art in that tour .

IN Mumbai Day by day I was connected to art activities or to art galleries for art visit and I did met live to my  online friends of Mumbai . In seven days I was shoot to myself and to art locations of Mumbai or that images I was shared on my facebook page , so on facebook  a senior art promoter or my city person cum facebook friend Mr. Ashok Agarwal told me your photo update is like Mumbai Diary … his kind observation was gave me this post title so here I have use it . Mumbai Diary ..
My Mumbai tour was started by train journey , you know it , I am saving to money  and taking my patience test when I live alone about  myself art journey . so by Indian  railway I was started  my journey of Mumbai , I was booked  my Sleeper class birth , by luck that birth was window birth so I enjoyed to landscape side seen from train . my journey was started on date 29 th march 2017 , it was day one of  my Mumbai Journey after 10th years ,

Day second , I was in Mumbai , at Mumbai I have booked a guest house that’s name is Welcome Guest House , Bycalla East , Mumbai . There I got  my bed for night stay with full rest in low cost rent . At guest house  I was arrived at 11 am , there I did bathed  and dress up then I came out to guest house for join to Art Exhibition of Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation , kind  your information for  my Identity I did wear the ID tag of PDAF so they were knew me as a artist of PDAF at Nehru Center . in four hours continue I was  there and visited to art works  of that big art exhibition and I did shoot some good art pictures of art works . In mid of  time gape I did talked to juniors Artists  and I did shoot to work of late great Artist Mrs. Prafulla Dahanukar . After that I did noticed to Mr. Dahanukar or his art interest , he was very great heart person he know , what art and artists  need in their art journey , I saw in that exhibition all kind of art works were exhibited without any boundary , it was great movement of that art Exhibition . so a big Salute to Mr. Dahanukar , he is working like a plantation of art in our nation from his PDAF. 

After Nehru Center I was went at TAO art gallery , there I was visited art work of  my Online senior friend Sir Sameer Mondal , His water color nature painting ( Flowers ) .that was classic water color  work of him .
Day Second  was close by art visit of PDAF or TAO Art Gallery .
Day Third , I was started  my art walk in Mumbai from CST Station,Mumbai . there first I was went at  Sir J.J. School of art , I saw there some new art like calligraphy , sculpture , set design or ETC . but I could not talked to any art student because that was exam time there , so I was taken a one cup tea at canteen of Sir J. J. School of Art or shoot some pictures of that campus art works .  
After Sir J. J. School of art visit I was came at Kala Ghoda there I shoot to picture of Sculpture of black Horse in ground of KALA GHODA . you know Near KALA GHODA Jehangir art gallery , so I was visited there three art exhibitions of very contemporary art . Artist Venkatesh Pate ( My Facebook friend ) was exhibited his big art work in Jehangir art gallery so I was happy after visit his very strong or sounded art work .

Jehangir Art gallery to I went at national Gallery of Modern Art , Mumbai there I saw a very big art show of Mumbai Art Society , you can say that was very Historical art Exhibition of Indian art History . I saw there through that art Exhibition , the Real Live History of INDIAN Art . that was art collection of Mumbai Art Society . by that exhibition I have read to Indian art once again with a new angle , I saw a painting of M.F. Hussain that painting year 1949 , that work was  very different to work of Hussian, it mean how to Hussain was created his art language in Painting? it is a research matter , I found that from that art exhibition . so a big thanks to Mumbai Art Society , there after visit to that exhibition in Night I was wrote a short note to Mumbai Art Society , in that note I wrote , the Mumbai art society should published to all art  collection in a form of book with Hindi text , because in Hindi we have no much more good books for art students in subject INDIAN art. May be Mumbai Art Society will Notice  my tens matter. 

 After NGM , Mumbai I was visited to Mumbai Art room gallery,Jamaat Art Gallery , Gallery 7 , art plaza  or etc. After gallery visit I was went at Taj Hotel or  at Gate Way Of  INDIA . I shoot to Taj Hotel Top Dum and posted to Sir Ratan TATA , I did shared that Image on online with caption** The click of the day **  and some more images of gateway of India in different angles. . There my second day was closed in Mumbai, I came back at welcome Guest house by Mumbai Local train .


Day Four  , I was started by walk from CST  to till NCPA , Mumbai , first I was searched to some gallery so in mid way I was visited to Aajad Khel Madan Mumbai , that is a very old ground of Mumbai for cricket. After visit to Aajad maidan I went at Studio 3 gallery that was a artist home so I came back without meet to artist. After visit to Studio 3 gallery, I was joined to Mr. Prabhakar Sandeep , the owner of BAJAJ Art Gallery , Mumbai , Kind  your Information he is  my good friend on online  , ( actually he is Noticing to me or  my art activity on my facebook and time to time he is talking to me on art ) . many  time sir Prabhakar sandeep was calling to me for join to his BAJAJ gallery in Mumbai,  but last week I could Joined to him with my surprising presence . we did talked on art and art books of Hindi , or some other art informative talk . after meet to sir Prabhakar sandeep at BAJAJ art gallery I went to NCPA , there I was visited to theater but by luck there gallery was closed because that was Saturday .  so I did shared  some time at sea point nariman point or  clicked some pictures of seascape . 

Day Five  , Sunday , I was dedicated my Sunday to  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan ji, ( on online My E GURU JI ) . so I leaved  welcome guest House at 7 am and at 9 am I was in front side of Home of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan ji . in Morning time Sir Bachchan ji was not in Home so his security was informed to me he will come back out to home for you in evening time so you come in evening time . there I was presented with four pencil portraits of him . so on a movement I was went in tens , I Thought  what I do or not ?

But patience give way to life or vision , so I was taken a other step I went at Prithvi theater , there to I were posted some message to Dr. Amitabh bachchan ji or to Director of Prithvi theater  Sir Karan kapoor or Sanjna Kapoor too . but at prithvi a active security person told me , it will start or open at 11 am so you leave this place now . I gave respect to his duty so came out to that place and went near sea at Juhu . There I shoot some pictures from a one point for mixing  by photo editing work . it mean I were lived busy in art work or advance work in that tens matter condition. Ha ha . you can say I am great art master .. ha ha

At 11 am I came back at Prithvi theater there I were joined to a session or discussion on science or that’s observation on planets . actually that was a live workshop for science student s ( kids ) . but I was there with Sir Makrand Deshpande , after tea brake Deshpande sir was invited questions to all viewers , so after listen to  lots of questions and answers I was put up my question as a artist in English , I said I am artist , so my question is very funny , so you tell me mr. Manoj ( Science teacher ) why we observe ?  then Mr. Deshpande asked to me why a painter paint I can ask to you ? I said yes  you can ask and I can answer to you , a artist paint for express to self , art is giving completeness , we are searching  water on mars , on earth  we have lots of water but we are not caring that or cleaning that for our use  why ?  that question was proved to my observation in mid of science observation all viewers were noticed to my talk silently that was must about their  right observation . in last I said art is giving completeness but science is giving only confusions..

At 1 pm  I came out to Prithvi theater and went near a young Mumbai Police man , he was very close with Dr. Amitabh bachchan  House , the police man was very young and a very educative person so he was noticed to my tens , I did request to him can you put this portraits work for some time in your chamber , I want to eat some food so it will disturb to me or may be it can damage , he said to me ok you can put here I care it , first he was visited all portraits then he was trusted on me very well . he was noted  my name and I gave him my mobile Number for note in his note book , so he did noted that .

1 pm to till 3 pm I was on Juhu Beach for eaten some food , I was felt hunger very much that time so I did eaten pawbhaji and Ice cream in that hot weather .At 3 pm I came back and collected  my art work from hand of that young Mumbai Police man , I said thanks to Him , he was smiling for me salute to him from my artistic heart.

 At 3:30 pm I was sit at front side of Home of Dr. Amitabh bachchan ji in wait of Him . there I was found a very energetic young boy , a sports man master Kabir Kabbaddi . he told me his name Kabir Kabbadddi . he asked to  me how to I can meet to Sir bachchan ? I said last 9 years to I am continue writing to him then today I can meet to him if he will invite to me in his office or home . so you can write a letter to him with your demand , kabir  was wanted to  play in Kabbaddi team pink panther of Sir Abhishek bachchan .  I noticed he was wrote a letter on the spot in his very artistic or energetic mood , I liked his passion and wish for him . I sure one day he will play kabbaddi for our nation through team Pink panther . he was submitted his letter in hand of team member of Sir bachchan office . may be Sir Bachchan will notice his application plus passion of Kabbaddi .

When sir bachchan was came out for his all well wishers or fans that time I was very back side but after his one minute JHALAK ( Meet ) they all fans and well wishers were here and there and I was near the gate of Sir Bachchan ji. There I were submitted my art work ,pencil  portraits in hand of Sir Raju , he was submitted in Office with My sketch book on that sketch book  I got autograph of Sir Amitabh bachchan ji for me , in last movement I was shoot a picture of myself in front side of gate of Home Sir Amitabh bachchan ji with His autograph . ( when I was buying  That  sketch book from a shop of Bycalla , that shopkeeper Farsi Bhai , senior person asked to me what  you will do to this sketchbook ? I answered to him I will take autograph  of Sir Bachchan on it , he was looking me with surprising motion and told me good if  you will take autograph of Sir bachchan  then I will not take charge of this marker pen , it will come with this sketch book for  you  young boy . ha ha , there I noticed  Sir Bachchan is living in heart of Peoples of our Nation ) finally I got autograph of Sir Bachchan by that Marker Pen on sketchbook. )

  Kind  your information on instagram I was continue sharing  my pictures or condition with Sir Amitabh bachchan ji  from Juhu for his notice and he was noticing or indicating to me from his reply on online that was indirect but direct for me .. ha ha ..

So day five  was closed with happiness in Mumbai, my dedication or respect was gave me a right result in the end of the day .


Day Six , I was searched some more Art Gallery , and I was tried to met to a very first art promoter of Myself .He is living in Mumbai but that day he was not In His office .so I could not met to Sir Prashant Shah , he was sold  my art work in year 2000 by online networks , he was made a web page  . on day six after afternoon  time I joined to fashion street of Mumbai , but there I saw critical condition the path was damaged and market was slow , down , I could not saw any  new item in dress or others home uses products . so did buy only two air craft models for showcase of our home . that day I was again joined to aajad khel maidan or that’s live kids cricket match after cricket .  I was met to artist vankatesh pate at Jehangir Art Gallery , there I was talked to him I told to him about his work or our friendship of facebook , I did shoot a picture with him in his gallery . over all day six was close silently with art and market visit.
 Day seven , I was checkout to welcome guest house at 11 am and started journey for come back to home  by Indian rail way . I came At Bandra Station by Local train , in wait of Bikaner train I was noticed a crow on platform . that crow was sit on a water stand but water was not come out for crow , so I shoot that live movement and wrote a short note to Our Rail Minister Sir Suresh Prabhu .. I wrote , ** Indian Railway have changed to Story of Thirsty crow , I was read it live and write it to light ** ..that  note I was posted to Sir Suresh Prabhu on His twitter , in that movement he was noticed that , I wrote to him ,  its art fun in wait of my train .. 

At 3:05 pm my train was started for Bikaner , I said in myself , thanks Mumbai  you made  special tour of myself  in this year 2017 ..

Now I am writing that special live movements of Mumbai as a diary writing for  your reading .. so here I said to this post  .. Mumbai Diary 2017..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Juan Cabrera said...

Hi Mr Yogendra Kumar I hope you don't mind me sending this message I read your journey to Mumbai and I wish you could get all the best information you where looking and hope that this adventure fulfill your own needs to continue with your Artistic carrier you deserve all the best for your hard work thanks for sharing your journey I'm pleased to have the opportunity to read it thanks again and wish you a wonderful weekend with all my respect have a blessed day 🙏🙋👍👌👏

Virve Karotam said...

It was one of the great trip !