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Art Vibration - 464

The Kids Can Create Fresh Environment On Earth by Art

92.7 Big Fm & SBI know It…

A Girl child busy in painting for environment 
Friends this week I shared  my two days with two big associations of my nation , they both are working for better life and environment on this earth by their own work process . I am happy they are remembered to me and called me for join to their activity . it was  conformed  their activity was  related to art because they had called to me ( a call to Art Master ) .

Isse zyada biggest achievement or Kya ho skta Hai jab aapke kaam ki tarif khud sadi ke mahanayak Amitabh bachchan sahab Kare......or aisa hi achievement rha hai hamare city ke famous artist yogendra Kumar purohit ka....or inke canvas par inke rango ki duniya ki baat hogi aaj sham 5 bje se 7 bje tak big RJ Rohit ke sath .. suniye big mehmaan show Bikaner ke sabse pahle fm 92.7 big FM par Suno sunao life banao ... it's words of RJ Rohit 92.7 big FM Bikaner

Rj Rohit and Myself  At Office of 92.7 Big Fm  Bikaner

I am talking about our very first Fm of INDIA 92.7 Big FM  or the Bank of State bank of INDIA . you know 92.7 Big FM is organizing art activity for kids on day world Environment day date 5th June  . Last three years to continue I am with 92.7 big Fm for their Art Activity of World Environment day . there  my role is art selector . so I am ranking to kids view or vision through their art works . it is very tuff job for me because I am not like this ranking format or the format of first  second or ETC. because art is giving freedom to creator but selection /judgment / rank are blocking to vision of  very pure or soft heart kids ,when they miss to chance of rank or award , it mean this ranking format is blocking to their art and creativity  . so this ranking format is art killer  in my view . 

 Any way they are thinking something different to me so they can do this for their view or vision . by this art ranking they are inviting to kids for creativity or by this art activity they are creating sense in kids vision about our environment . they are talking to kids about environment by the way of art so it is something positive view of them . if it is positive then I am with them for their art activity as a judge ( ORANGJEB for fresh kids  ha ha self criticism ) ..

At RES  MD SBI  Gifting Award to rank child Artist , myself  and RJ Rohit and HM of RES ..

Ranked Child Artists or we all art promoter at institute Future Series BKN 2017 .
Ranked Child Artists or we all art promoter at institute RES . BKN 2017 .
This year 92.7 big FM Bikaner or that’s RJ  Rohit  was  invited to me for  art activity of 92.7 big FM at  Future series Institute of Bikaner , there I were met to MD of SBI Bikaner Sir V.K. and my co judge was Dr. Shwet Goswami  ( teacher  cum creative artist ) .

There I noticed MD of SBI sir V.K.  was giving some education to kids about environment and he was gifted some gifts to ranked art works from his hand . he know kids can create fresh environment because they all are future designer about  future of earth. 

First day RJ Rohit of 92.7 Big FM  told me yogendra kumar purohit  you will come with me at my office because I will take your interview for our program Big Mahman . Kind  your information RJ Rohit is also good theater artist  so he know to art and art impact .he know how to educate to kids by way of art about our environment . He is thinking positive about art  so I went at his office for my interview . Actually he want to explore in air  my art sound from his 92.7 big FM webs in our environment or he did that . My inner sound was mixed in our environment by way of air webs  or frequency  of 92.7 big Fm ..
 (  Sorry Audio  File is Not Support to this blog post or my interview was in Hindi so it is critical in post at here or i am feeling handicapped for share that on this post , technical problem in file ..Sorry  ) 

 The listener of 92.7 Big Fm was knew how to I have designed myself as a art master in this 25 years art journey or how to I am creating art environment by me in this world environment . my presence  with them was a live example  of my talk because I am committed for art and art environment but about right art environment about meaningful art environment . 

So in interview of myself I was expressed to my art life/ journey or that’s different shades in form of answer of questions of RJ Rohit in his 92.7 Big Fm Office . here I am sharing that interview  recording for your notice..

Second day Rj Rohit was called me for join to him at R.E.S. ( education center of Kids ) . so once again I was joined to art activity of 92.7 Big Fm at RES. There I saw to MD of SBI  Sir V.K  ,he was again gifted some more gifts to ranked art works from his SBI and  he was gave  Education about environment to kids .
In visuals  you can notice and feel to  my complete sound . 

 Because I felt it there in that two days  , the kids can create fresh Environment on earth by Art …

Myself  with my nephew Master Harsh

So here I said it the kids can create fresh environment on earth by art , 92.7 Big Fm & SBI know it …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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