Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Art Vibration - 465

Best Wishes To Enzo Marino

Rolling Painting of Maestro  Enzo Marino , Italy
Friend I am wishing for great maestro Italian Artist Enzo Marino . he is very senior to me but after met to me he is calling to me bro yogendra . it mean,  he  has  understood to me as a senior Artist of my world art family . 

You know I met to him in my city Bikaner, when he came second time and he has created big canvas in his own style by roller at Desert of Bikaner , that was winter time but in hot the sun was on head of Enzo he needed some shadow so he gave me a umbrella in my hand and told to me  yogendra you are my assito .as a artist friend or junior or in respect of Senior Artist I did care to him by sun light , I did picked his umbrella and care to him by sun hit at Bikaner desert . I know Enzo is not knowing to English Much more and I don’t know about Italian language but by the way of art we did communicated and understood to condition of us. 

When I was caring to Enzo At that Desert he was noticing my art nature silently or in same time he was gave me his digital camera for photography of his work process , so I did shoot his pictures , but in that one day art  workshop of  Enzo I did read his inner art energy and strong vision . By a ink roller he has completed many big canvas's without help of others in that desert . that day Art Maestro Enzo Marino was won to my heart by his very strong heart and I did started feeling the respect for great Art Maestro Enzo Marino . 

Maestro Enzo Marino In BIkaner with Electronic Media persons ..
After our desert Meeting of Bikaner I was met to him on my facebook page or on this art vibration , you can notice many posts of this art vibration , here Art Maestro Enzo Marino has put his view as a true artist about  my art post’s . he is continue noticing and observing to me and  my art journey on this art vibration or on my facebook page from my art updates , his silent presence is giving me feeling of a art  Teacher , I know he is living in Italy but he is checking to a art Student of Him, that is from Bikaner , his name is yogendra   kumar Purohit ..

Rolling painting  cum performance of  Human Body Painting by Maestro Enzo Marino , Italy

Performance of Music,dance and painting , presentation by Maestro Enzo Marino , Italy
 Art Maestro Enzo Marino has presented his work in all over  world and his art presentation is on and on and on  continue .

By age he is very senior but in his heart , he is living like a very young boy  . this kind of  energy is coming in him by continue art practice . it is must for everyone , this kind of guide line we are receiving from great Art Maestro  Enzo Marino .

Before India Enzo Marino have showed his work in Morocco (MAC.A EXPO Asilah); Colombia (Cali - Museum of Public Affairs of Colombia) in Austria (Stadt Voitsberg), Jordan (Cairo-Amman Bank- Amman),. His works are in various museums and public places in the world.

Maestro Enzo Marino has started painting by roller after his 35 years age , he is calling to that rolling painting , in his painting he is paint to human figure by roller so I can say Enzo Marino have nice control  on his art tool , I am saying it because in Desert of Bikaner I saw live  Demo of his Rolling painting . that was great experience for me . Enzo painted 4X6 fits big canvas in very short time by his art tool roller . roller is a tool of Graphic printing but  I saw Maestro Enzo  used that for his painting , that was interesting for me because in year 2005 to till 2007   I was painted painting  in Graphic Studio of Jawahar Kala Kendra . so I was surprised because I felt same sound of myself in great Maestro Enzo Marino . we have some common thing about art and creativity  we are in same web so I am wishing  for him . 

In Italy many great art critics have accepted to rolling painting of Enzo Marino and the president of Italy  Sir Antonio Crescenzo said About Enzo He Is a Original artist . 

So I have a word for him that is congratulation  Maestro Enzo  or as a artist, bro I am wishing for him about his long original art journey , I want to see him again in my City Bikaner , or I want to meet him again this life. , so it is  my wish for him ..

We know our  hope is create a true wish  ..

 So here I said about Maestro Enzo Marino  .. best wishes To Enzo Marino ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

This Image is update on fb wall page of Maestro Enzo Marino , myself is caring to Enzo by Sun light /hit