Thursday, August 31, 2017

Art Vibration - 470

Craftmenship Is Improve To Creativity of Child Artist
“ It’s Prove”

Friends we know art is with us from our born on this earth . we can’t live far to this important part of our life , yes art is our soul power or art can design to our soul sound from our self activity , we are calling to that painting, dance , performance ,singing , writing , cooking and much more title’s  we have in our dictionary . 

We know many great masters were  started art activity in his/ her life from his /her childhood age . so it is very important for life design we start art activity in kids life  from his /her childhood age . actually art activity is develop to mind of kids and when a kid start to art activity in form of craft then ,we can call to that kid child artist . because he /she is following to his/her soul sound in form of art through  his/ her art activity .,. 

I am telling about it because I have completed a exercise with kids , now after that live art activity they all kids are come in list of Child artist of our world. 

In Indian Mythology we are following to god instructions  about peaceful life, we are celebrate to birthday of our god . but it is surprising for us we are not pointed to death anniversary of our god. because our god is unlimited or  continue with us in our imagination or vision for trust of our soul and life. 

So in birth celebration of God Krishna this month my studio yogendra art and Designing Studio organized a Installation art work , I invited to kids of  my colony , they kids were showed his /her art interest in Installation of Janmashtami Jhanki for lord Krishna . 

 I provided space and medium with a task , I told to kids we will not invest money in this art activity but we will invest our mind energy then our creativity will give to us many new ideas and art items , actually I inspired to kids for craftmenship .

16th kids of my colony were joined to my art and craft project and in very short time they were created a very fine installation at my home . as a senior I gave some ideas and motivation for art and craft to kids , I gave some ideas for paper craft then kids were created many craft work by card paper and they were displayed in that installation . that was a live art and craft exhibition of hidden art of  child artists of my colony .  so that  art exhibition or exposing work credit goes to my Yogendra art and designing Studio .( its Self Motivation ..Sorry ) ..

You know  kids were played to clay they were created hills , by wet clay , they were created paper huts and by dray send dust they were created small dooms . over all in four days the kids of my colony were  lived busy to his/her  mind for installation art . they were created many ideas and transferred to that in his /her craft form . that art exercise was surprising for them itself . you can say it is magical sound of art , art always surprise to artist and art viewers or art lovers too.

Kind  your information yogegndra art and Designing Studio was gave merit certificate and Medal to all 15 th child artist of Janmashtami Jhanki . without taken any kind of fees to kids . 

The name of Child Artist of My Colony is :- Mater Ravi Suthar, Master Vishal Suthar , Master Rahul Soni , Master Sanjay  Sain, Master Mahesh Suthar, Master Jaikishan Suthar , master Ramswroop Bhutiya , master Ranveer Suthar, master Durgashankar Suthar, Master Krishnam Vyas ,master Mohit Suthar ,master Prabjot shing, master Manjot Shing ,master Bhavesh Suthar , Master Sourabh Joshi ,  Miss kanika Ranga .

Here in a video presentation and visuals  you can see the real live craftmenship of child artist of  my colony . they were  really committed for janmashtami jhanki and their commitment was showing their craftmenship or creativity . 

So here I said ..Craftmenship Is Improve To Creativity of Child Artist “ It’s Prove”

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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