Thursday, September 07, 2017

Art Vibration - 471

One More Natural Canvas  Is Ready For Natural Painting

Farming is in our family blood , by time condition we family members are busy in other works about our life, but in our conscious we know our family work, that is farming . many farms we Have in our Madkotadi purohit family . in my view , I am seeing that as a  natural canvas in each one family of our Madkotadi Purohit family . 

The father of  my late great Grandfather ( shree Bulakidas purohit ) Late Shree Shivratan Purohit was a farmer. he was farming in his full life so one farm in our family , my late great grandfather Shree Bulakidas Purohit was not done farming work in his life as a farmer but he was very much  interested in farming work . in his last stage of life , he was handover his farm to my parent , my father shree vijay Shankar purohit is retired worker of Electricity board of Rajasthan  . so he is investing his time and money in our farming work to last five years and I am supporting to him in that work as a side job or main job of  my art work . 
I told to you my family job is not a job for me , I am taking that as a art work , for me farming work is like a art work  a painting work . I expressed about it in last post on this art vibration blog ,so I will not rewrite that .

Here I want to share a one more new story of our family . the late cousin bother of my late great grandfather  Shree Shivdayal Purohit was  handover his farm to his son . his son. Mr. Chandra Kumar Purohit is a web designer . but his education is in agriculture , he is gold medalist in apple farming , but his farm in desert site and there water sores is only rain just like our farm . but agriculture or that’s academic education he have in his vision .it is plus point for our family . 

So this year Mr. Chandra Kumar Purohit   was showing his interest in his farm . he was called to me about his farm in this rain time . I did showed  my interest in his farming interest  so he was final a day for farming work at his farm . I did visited his very fine farm location , his farm on a dooms so clay is very fresh and water storage system is naturally in that dooms by nature blessing . 

First I was  visited his farm, that was looking like a rough canvas,  because last 20 years to that farm was not used in farming work , so there I saw only grass and grass . by luck I found a right farm keeper there near  his farm , he was agreed for care to new farming work as a care taker,  so next day we did started farming work on that farm land of our madkotadi family . 

When there work was started in that time I  thought  a new natural canvas is getting a right form for natural painting . 

In visuals you will see to right condition of that natural canvas . 

I felt happy when we finished to farming work or in my words a new start of natural painting on our natural canvas . 
Now after 30 days there new green leafs are come out from farm clay . for me  it is just a non profit work , but as a family culture ( farming work ) I think it is  my big profit , because one more family member of our madkotadi purohit family come in this family culture  Job . about care to nature by our  farm land or by our farming work . with vision of our family that is nature care taker …

I saw there live , a natural canvas was getting new step for natural painting after 20 years was surprising for me or for mr. Chandra kumar purohit .

 So here I said about it , one more natural canvas is ready for natural painting …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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