Friday, September 22, 2017

Art Vibration - 473

Maharaja Ganga  Singh Trust Is Trust On My Art Sound …

Friend we know trust word is very challenging word for a hard /dedicated person in his /her life. 

In 2010 , I edit  this picture and Gifted To MGST Bikaner .
Trust word is give confidence to others or anyone can trust on trustful person .because trust word is build  by commitment of work, dedication of  work , respect for work or care to work . I can say it, because I know to word trust or that’s care taker sound  . yes they are in my city  in real words they are founders of Bikaner city or that’s historical culture . they are caring to historical records of my City Bikaner by a trust with title Maharaja Ganga  Singh Trust , Bikaner .

I was connected to this trust ( community of care taker of  historical records of Bikaner.  ) in year 2003 , when our Bikaner Commissioner Sir Madhukar Gupta and His life partner Artist Cum Director of IGN department of Bikaner Msr. Kiran Soni Gupta were organized a national painting camp . I did participated in that camp as a painter . 

That time Maharaja Ganga Singh Trust and that’s trusties were underlined  to my art sound .  kind your information in year 2010 I  participated in a photography exhibition as a photographer . that exhibition was organized by Maharaja Ganga Singh  Trust Bikaner . exhibition was exhibited at Junagarh fort Bikaner. There Princess Rajyashree kumari ji  gifted me a book on closing ceremony of our photography exhibition  . that book was autobiography of Maharaja  Dr. Karni Singh ji . From that book I scanned a image that was B&W , I did colored to that through  photo editing software on  my pc  and gifted to Maharaja Ganga Singh Trust, Bikaner . that was my first live connection / meeting to members of Maharaja Ganga Singh Trust , Bikaner.  

Chand Kanwar Baaisa ..editing work year is 2014

After that in year 2014 I saw a good image on facebook page of Princess Rajyashree kumari ji , it was also B&W image of  princess of Bikaner,  I think Chand  Kawanr Bai Sa. So I did colored that picture again on photo editing software and posted on facebook page of Princess Rajyashree Kumari  ji Bikaner , she liked that art editing work of myself . 

After three year last week I received a phone call from MaharajA Ganga Singh  Trust , Bikaner .

Mr. Rajesh ji said to me yogendra ji we are sending to you a image of Maharaja Dr. Karni Singh  ji , this picture is B&W . we want to  you , you color it from your editing work . the call of trust was showing real trust on me.  they are noticing to me and my art sound  continue . 2003 to till today . I am in their trust as a artist and I have showed I am capable for their art trust , because I have edit to that nice picture in color look in five hours editing work . 

I enjoyed to photo editing work , because I was doing that for  royal family of Bikaner or their trust .. they have confidence on me for their art requirement.  it is making a great feeling in me or lots of trust for Maharaja Ganga  Singh Trust  Bikaner. 

Here in visual you will see to original image or my editing work .

Its original Picture of Maharaja Dr.  Karni  Singh  ji , i received it for photo editing work by mail of MGST Bikaner 2017 .
I could done it because they are trust on me . but I did not charged for my any photo editing art works . I have respect for our king family or that’s members they are real founder of Bikaner  city . they have design a history of Bikaner from their full presence or commitment . 

As a Brahmin Putra ( Brahmin Son ) I can accept any donation / gift/ reward  for  my art sound from Our Bikaner King Family or their trust . I told it to Maharaja Ganga  Singh Trust Bikaner after finish to my art work or that’s submission on their mail in digital format . I said it because they are trust on me .  

So here I said   Maharaja Ganga Singh Trust is trust on my art sound …  

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Bidhan Biswas said...

One can trust on when one trusted himself...