Sunday, May 13, 2018

Art Vibration - 493

PRAFULLA DAHANUKAR ART FOUNDATION has been Mentioned State Award in my Art Journey

Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Mumbai , in my view it is a real foundation maker for true artist of INDIA . I am saying it because practically I am  living  this kind of nature of Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation in my art journey . 

This year the founder of Prafulla Dahanukar  Art Foundation was passed away , he was really a great art promoter of our INDIA  so RIP for him from My Deep Heart . yes I am telling About  Sir Dilip Dahanukar , he was founded Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation for complete to deam of his life partner Artist Msr. Prafulla Dahanukar . 

 In year 2015 I connected to this art foundation through online network or communication. 2015 to till 2018 I am continue connect with this PDAF . because they are reading to heart of needy artist of our Nation . The team of PDAF have a one concept for true artist , they want to improve to artist work and they want to support to heart and vision of a true artist . I can say PDAF is a real art promoter for needy artist of our nation . they are selecting to city artist by their own observation , they know art mean is art or a artist is artist , they know artist is everywhere in our world or they are searching to them or taking them  in their artists  list for real art promotion . 

 In other angle I can say they are teaching to artist about contemporary  time or art condition so in my view Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation is a real open art Institute for true artist of INDIA . they know art selection is a process for communication or bounding with true artist. because Late Msr. Prafulla Dahanukar was a good painter of expressions . I visited her original painting in exhibition at Neharu Center Mumbai . so I can say it .

In Mumbai  late Sir Dilip Dahanukar , he was very silent but his art observation was very sounded I noticed it at Neharu Center when I met to him in PDAF art Exhibition of year 2017 . 

You know Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation organize every year Kalananad Award for national level . last two years to they are selecting to  my work on marks rank. So I got two time city artist award from PDAF. And in year 2018 they selected  my natural painting work for Rajasthan State Award . Kind  your information it is  my first state award from Mumbai or that’s A very special art Foundation yes Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation gave me this state award for  my true art work . in Rajasthan I am living and I got education in art today I am art master by academic rule or format . but in my bio data I have no any state award from my state academies . it is painful  or critical too . 

But prafulla dahanukar art foundation has been mentioned a state award in my art bio data / art Journey from Mumbai . it mean they are noticing to only  true art  or this is important for art and culture design of our nation INDIA .

Now I am very much thankful for Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Mumbai because this  art foundation has  been mentioned state award in my art journey . 

 I would liked to collect this state award from Hand of  Late Sir  Dilip Dahanukar  so I planed my tour for Mumbai function date 29th march 2018.   but late sir Dilip Dahanukar passed away before on date 11th  march year 2018 . so I was sad and missing to him very much in same time  my niece admitted in hospital  so I dropped to my plan for collect to my state award . I was fully upset or puzzled by time condition  so..what I could in that time ? ..

IN Month April  I received a envelope from PDAF MUMBAI . In that Envelope I see a catalogue , award certificate , prize certificate from BAJAJ Company or prize Money Cheque . that envelope was fully proved it , The  PDAF has been mentioned state award in my art  Journey .

 So here I said about it  , Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation has been mentioned state Award In my Art Journey .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 


Unknown said...

Wow, so nice ! Congratulations !!!

yogendra kumar purohit said...

The owner of prafulla Dahanukar art foundation Mumbai .posted this kind words for this post .
The words of owner is this "Dear Yogendra, it's our great pleasure to know that the foundation is a part of your life journey and is a acknowledgment of our hard work. Thanks a lot."...