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Art Vibration - 494

Maharaja Ganga  Singh University Has Taken First Foot Step About  Academic Education Of Rajasthani Language …
Friends someone are living like tree , they have only giving nature in this world , for the example we notice to Universities . all academic universities are giving academic education to all students , universities are providing way of life by education format .it is true .
 I wanted to me become a artist in year 1994 after  my 12th class ,   so Rajasthan University made me masters in painting from academic degree of Rajasthan University . Today  I am thankful for university of Rajasthan because  University guide me how to I live my life as a artist in this contemporary  time or society .

 In other example I can take to great celebrities or dignities they all  are also giver . In Bikaner I can see for example very first Maharaja Ganga Singh ji , the King of Bikaner , he was provided water for life survive in  this desert site , he thought as a academic person,  so today in  50 degree temperature of summer we have water in this city Bikaner . for this great academic thought today  a very big thanks to academic person of this city Maharaja Ganga Singh JI . I am mention his name in this post  because he was real giver person of this city Bikaner  . kind  your information I have dedicated this year of art vibration to late great Maharaja Ganga Singh  ji . 
Secretary of Mukti  Sansthan  Writer Rajendra Joshi is putting to demand of Rajasthani Subjects in front of V.C. of MGS.University Bikaner 2018
 You know why I am saying this academic Subject  to you ? Actually last week I was invited  by Mukti Sansthan ( A Social worker cum NGO form of Bikaner branch ) . The secretary of Mukti Sansthan  Writer cum literature person ( academic ) Sir Rajendra P. Joshi  put a thought for Rajasthani langhage or that’s academic education . it is very must for our Rajasthani language , I am speaking it in my home with my family or  my city is speaking it too  , we all are using it in our vocal communication (  live talk or on phone talk  ) . the reality is we all Rajasthani are thinking in Rajasthani it is real fact of our mind or vision. Because we have this kind of environment around us in Rajasthan land  ,

So for this thought a thanks to Mukti Sansthan , because they put this thought with a note sheet in front of us . we all art /culture /literature  persons  of Bikaner signed on that note sheet ( demand application )  and handover in hand of  V.C. of Maharaja Ganga  Singh University  Bikaner ,  that application was demand of Rajasthani Subject in Maharaja Ganga Singh University Bikaner . 
writer Kamal Ranga  is Reading to Demand Application of Rajasthani Language Subject at MGS University  2018

The  V.C. Maharaja Ganga  Singh University  Pro. Bhagirath Bijarniyan noticed to that note sheet and accepted our academic demand with in a second in meeting hall of Maharaja Ganga Singh University  Bikaner . 
V.C. Of MGS University Bikaner  Pro. Bhagirath Bijarniya is approving to Rajasthani language  Subject in Meeting Hall of MGS University 2018 .

 There we presented persons were  Writer /Secretary  Mukti Sansthan Rajendra  P. Joshi , Dr. Madan Saini , Dr. Umakant Gupt , Dr. Prashant Bissa , Dr. Namami Shankar Acharya , Dr. Gourishankar  Prajapat , Dr. Dinesh Sevag , Dr. Brajratan Joshi , Dr. Bithal  Bissa , Writer Kamal Ranga , writer Bulaki Sharma , Writer Nagendra kiradu , writer Harish B Sharma , writer Rajarma Swarnkar , writer Om Sarswat and some more writer of Rajasthani language . 
Dr. Namami  Shankar  Acharya listing to V.C. Of MGS  University in Meeting hall of MGS University 2018

( kind  your  information I also wrote Rajasthani language as a committed writer for 365 days , I created visuals in rajasthani by Rajasthani text , I said to that writing,  text photography , on my facebook  page  you can read to that  all 365 text photographs of Bikaner on facebook note page , I also translated  to Madhushala poem of Dr. Harivansh Rai bachchan in Rajasthani language  and I shared with that  Dr. Amitabh  Bachchan Ji  on His blog , he liked that translation work on Madhushala ) 

So I  presented there as a Rajasthani language Holder . 

When I hear the words of V.C. Of Maharaja  Ganga  Singh University  , he said  “ yes Rajasthani Subject Is Must “ in that time I saw the first step of Academic Rajasthani Subject in my view  . it was started from Maharaja  Ganga  Singh University  Bikaner .it is very must for real identity of Rajasthani Language or to work of Italian  philosopher Dr. Tesitory . kind  your information Philosopher Dr. Tesitory was highlighted to this Rajasthani Language , he was collected words of Rajasthani language from Rajasthan  and then created a first dictionary of Rajasthani language , he   was indicated to society of Rajasthan for their own language  but we rajasthani people’s could not worked on our vocal language in past or about our one text ( calligraphy ) so it is running on text of Hindi , I know it is critical by academic writing  in India.  but it is not a big matter . kind  your information in our world we have English language ,  American English and British English are running on same text . so text is not a big matter for a historical vocal language . all language are vocal  by time that languages were got  own text for writing . we can say that was code of vocal sound or a painted form of inner sound in their own styles. 
Writer Bulaki Sharma  is giving thanks to V.C. Of MGS University for Approve to Rajasthani  language Subject  in MGS University 2018

Rajasthani language also communicate very well just like other languages , this language have itself a very big dictionary ,Banika writing style is a very different kind of  text in Rajasthani , Dingal Pjngal poetry style is very different in Rajasthani  . so this language have itself  a academic approach just like other languages of our world . it have a own base,  that is vocal or folk , it have very rich literature library many writers donated  his /her life for this language.  they did life time writing work for Rajasthani   language  like a fighter of Border . kind  your information Rajasthan is on Border or Bikaner is connect to LOC of INDIA  so it is noticeable for all Academic person of our Nation ..

 I am happy Because  a Academic person the V.C. Of Maharaja Ganga  Singh University  Pro. Bhagirath  Bijarniyan noticed to  academic demand of Rajasthani Language  subject  and approved it for this new session of  academic education of maharaja Ganga Singh University  Bikaner . 

Now I am remembering to mythological story of River Ganga , how to river Ganga came on earth from Bhrahama lok . A sant Bhagirath prayer to Brahama then Brahama gifted to him Ganga ( the Daughter of Brahama ) for Hindustan . here The V.C. of Maharaja Ganga Singh  University  Pro. Bhagirath Birjaniyan  played  that role of sant Bhagirath  for Students of  Rajasthani  Language  . the Academic universities education system is looking like Brahama to me and now Pro. Bhagirat is playing the role of Sant Bhagirath and we all art/literature/culture persons are  demanders of all Rajasthani language Students. 
Myself  presented in Meeting of Rajasthani Language Subject at MGS university meeting hall 2018

This foot step of Maharaja Ganga  Singh university will fill more energy in rajasthani language students . they can think about their bright future in Rajasthani Language.  they can get job in Rajasthani Teaching  sectors from  all academic Universities of our INDIA and World Too .

 So here I said About it Maharaja Ganga  Singh University Has Taken First Foot Step About  Academic Education Of Rajasthani Language …
Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner , INDIA

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