Saturday, July 28, 2018

Art Vibration - 497

One Work for Art Bounding

Final look of My art work on Lalten-  its in very dark night ..
RangMalhar , it’s a title of  a art concept of Dr. Vidhyasagar  Upadhyay . he designed  this art concept nine years ago and he presented that from pink  City Rajasthan . Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhayay is a very senior artist of INDIA. he live in Jaipur or by luck he guided  me in my  masters education of Painting at Rajasthan School of Art Jaipur .

Rangmahar art concept is a live invitation to Rain for betterment of life or wild life too . yes art always create fresh environment in our world and artists are creating it by his own art concepts .its duty of Artist or Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay know his art duty very well ,  so as a art family member I am with all art concept designer in any how condition . because I am committed artist for art . 

 Kind  your information I am living in Bikaner or this year In Bikaner Artist Mahaveer Swami ( traditional Art Master  ) and His son Master Anurag Swami ( Artist )  invited me for join their  first meet at Studio of  Artist Mahaveer Swami .  I joined that meeting  and there to I knew Dr. Vidhyasagar  Upadhyay  will on to Rangmalhar art activity on date 15th July  2018 , in Bikaner or other 13th cities of Rajasthan . this year he  selected object of painting a traditional Light Lamp we are calling to that Lalten . in a one concept I noticed many angle of art and thoughts of Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay , first I noticed a live invitation to rain by painting work on any surface , second he selected a very historical object for painting, that is not useful today in daily life but in innovation time that was very useful in dark night ( traditional  technical light lamp Lalten ) he recalled to memory of Artists or viewers by that object too  

So after  my registration fee 100 /-  I got  my registration in 9th Rangmalhar 2018 Bikaner .

You know I am working on paper  so I told  very clearly in first meeting of Rangmalhar  about  my uncomfortable  condition for painting on lalten . but as a creative artist  I found a very different way for color to Lalten . I used pasting work method , I collected goldon radium sticker and some more reflector color paper stickers and decorated to  my old lalten  without painting I colored and completed to task of  my art teacher cum senior Artist of Rajuasthan Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay  for his Rangmalhar art concept 2018 .



I did completed my art work before time and on the spot I did not work on my decorated lalten  there I did only my sigh on lalten . I presented there very late because my niece 15 months old baby felt ill, she was not comfort in herself  she needed to me near herself so I presented and alert for  my niece and still with  her . that day she lived full day in my arm and feeling relax in cool sleep . so as a parents I gave  my time to  my niece at home but for art bounding I did  my work for Rangmalhar  2018 very early . 


At 4 Pm I went to Sursagar Traditional pool of Bikaner , there I saw many senior artists and juniors Artists were busy in painting on  Lalten . I saw a one concept of Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyah was running in many minds of Bikaneri Artistis that was great movement for Rangmalhar Art Concept . I saw there two national awarded Artists were busy in Painting work ,Ustad Hanif Ustta and Sir Mahaweer Swami they both are national awared Artist in Tradtional  Art of Bikaner  were fully busy in painting on Lalten in their own style . some juniors were trying to give their best by painting on Lalten for  9th Rangmalhar  2018 . 

my niece in my arm date 15 july 2018
myself with my art work at 9th Rangmalhar 2018 date 15 july  
My mind was diverted in two side but my art commitment was supporting to me so in last movement of Rangmalhar 2018, I were presented with All artists of Bikaner and I shared my pasting work method and concept of Lalten in mid of them . I said when night will cover to dark in that time  my lalten will sign because its colored by reflector paper stickers in same dark night  others Lalten  will not give the real look or look of artist painting was joke  but with fact because I thought  about look of Lalten they were thought only for painting is noticeable for  you ..ha 
Here in visuals  you will see  my work for 9th Rangmalhar 2018 , I did it for bounding of art and artist of our world ..  

So here I said one work for art bounding …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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