Friday, July 10, 2015

Art Vibration - 392

1700 Paintings Of Myself 

1700 it is a big figure of  my art journey . yes  this week I have completed 1700 paintings  from  myself on one concept of  my art journey . when I were started it  that time  I were very puzzled  about creation . but I were came on  myself or researched  of myself  by art thoughts . but that thought was in vision .  so I were searching to language for express to  myself thought  in visuals and  on a one day I were got  a right way about  my thought . that day I were expressed  my thought on paper . I said to that myself representation in form of painting . that day to till today  I am continue busy in painting of myself  and this week I were completed  1700 number painting . it is a very long journey of  myself but it is not  on point of  END ..

I were not knew where to it was started and I don’t know when it will get last stage of this self research of myself by me my vision  this thought is running , blowing or flowing  like hours ,air and water .

When I am going to catch to  myself through  my thinking process .  In that movement  I am feeling myself is like unlimited space of universe , there are lots of elements ,angles, instruments, words , magical webs, malty feelings , lots of research ‘s diagrams , many educative lights ,many sign full stars and rocks , there I feel lots of souls powers and that’s impressions , in darkness of this universe  I am visualizing this kind of elements through research of myself ..but I am feeling in  it,  I am alone in that darkness . this painting of myself is pulling to me day by day in light and in all of you  from that darkness of our universe .

So my creativity or creative work is giving me peace of mind after research of  myself . I can say it is  like a mixture of three type researcher  like  SANT , DOCTOR  or SCIENTIST .

I am thankful for god  because for my type people  our society is give  a identity and they are calling to us  Artist ( painter – creator …) 

In  six years  I have completed 1700 visuals on myself thoughts . it mean I have created 1700 time myself with different medium  in a one style . in definition of art academies I can say I have completed definition of art academies in this art work , I have used limited medium , limited elements and a one concept of my art journey  and I have created 1700 visuals in form of painting or it is continue  by me  in this same form .
You know I have exercised with my painting concept through different medium that was acrylic color , poster color , water color , collage painting by color paper , pencil drawing, ink pen drawing and digital drawing ..i don’t know what will come next in this self research art journey of myself  because it is continue with me today and I am researching to myself and expressing with different medium’s , it is in my art nature . I noticed it in me  by myself research .

Myself  Painting No. 1700 in collage style 

Here I  am sharing some recent art work visuals of myself for your visit .  it is  in collage form ,on facebook I have shared it . there  many artist friends of our world art family have visited it and liked it . by this blog post I want to share with  you for your visit.. I hope  you will enjoy it and  you will notice  to  myself research practice in form of painting of myself . 

Because  your views can help me and I think after 1700 paintings I can share some more visuals of  myself  painting for you ..

Myself research  is on and transforming  in form of painting  in my studio at Yogendra art & Designing Studio Bikaner .

 So here I said  1700 paintings of myself …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


yogendra kumar Purohit said...

said it about this post on facebook page ..

he wrote it ...
( Hi dear Friend, Honestly when Jorge A. shared your arts I don't know why but I remember "The Old Man And The Sea" From "Ernest Hemingway" , It is real that the book is some harder and Depresser than your colourful & cheery arts but It's a moment feeling, I send them to one of my friends that works collage arts and she liked them. However I hope Success and happiness for you my dear friend. )

yogendra kumar Purohit said...

Senior Artist Friend of Fb Ernest Albert Said It about this post .
he wrote it... you are constantly exploring space with the same motiffs,
which is just wonderful,
go on.