Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Art Vibration - 393


First  Visual of Pluto  by NASA ....2015  

Friend we all are doing journey in our life ,  our life is doing journey  on earth , earth is doing  journey in our universe , our universe is doing journey in space and space is doing journey in time ,  time is doing journey in unlimited boundary less Darkness  ..it is true because science have  prove .

Research and  Journey of Myself  in  Drawing  by  INK PEN OR PENCIL 
As a art master I am saying I am on journey of myself art research , it is self research practice and its result is coming out in visuals. I am saying to that painting in academic word  . for  me or  my painting   you can see all is looking like same but for me my every movement and visual presentation is different to last one . It is natural  because every pure element of this nature is different to each other in same category . This same format is with  my art journey .you can notice it  by  your visit..it is must  you visit and notice  it .. ha ( my art work is updated on last post 392 of this art vibration ) 

I saw this same format with Science or it is continue today,  many  international science research centers are busy in this format  ..Actually our searching nature always live crazy and curious about know something new  in our universe , by self exercise or practice we try to know some more new and special in our Universe . may thinkers  and researchers  are busy for give something new and special to our world family by their own research . some research results are useful for our social system  and some results are only  information’ s for our  knowledge library of mind .

Yesterday I were got a very special information from social media . I was surprised when I saw first look of a another planet visuals by science research . it was great surprise for me or to field of art by science . yes it is true , science were dedicated nine years after 2006  for  right visuals of planet Pluto . we know Pluto is stand  on last line  of our solar system . it is so far to our planet earth . we human can imagine  to image of planet Pluto by our mind but we can’t say what is the right look of that planet and size too. Our human eyes can’t see direct to other planet of our solar system after sun or moon . it is fact .

But science have proved we can complete our curiosity by self  practice , dedication or patience .


In art, thought is doing journey for visuals  but science have changed to concept for visual collection or capture by vision. Its strong example is science project planet Pluto or that’s perfect visuals  in photograph image’s  .

in past year someone removed to Pluto planet from Study of Science .Because that is so far to earth , so space  science expert’s  were not accepted Pluto is part of our Solar System . But today International space research center NASA changed to that thought and they  have proved Pluto is part of our Solar System after yesterday  and I sure Pluto will come back in study book of space science  by hard dedication or perfect  Research work of NASA .

Artist thought is doing journey  in vision for visuals , but NASA did  gave journey track to tool of visual art ( camera – scanner – observer  ) that tool have completed nine years  journey and yesterday that tool shared some very clear and perfect visuals to  NASA from uncountable distance of  this time space .

In Nine years many scientists and researchers of space were showed full patience for final visuals of planet  Pluto And NASA international research center was provided them  full facility in project of research of Pluto . Nasa was confident about that big and long time project so Team of NASA was showed full patience in that  project and they were waited continue nine year day by day  and yesterday they were achieved their real goal . they were founded clear visuals of pluto  at earth by a visuals collector tool .

I saw some video of this project  by NASA  and I noticed how to this project scientist’s and researcher were passed time of this long project year by year , every year they were  celebrated birthday of project Pluto , it was unseen planet project or it was very very far to earth . I did noticed  a one scientist of that project was told  in interview , I have gave  my nine years for a project and I am just waiting for a final  visuals of that unseen planet . what was that I don’t know but in this nine years I have not achieve anything after wait or after achieve the live visuals  of planet Pluto - what I achieve ? so some time I am thinking I am fool . ha 

But in  my view he is not a fool or mad or ETC , he is a magical person because  in zero gravity , his team gave a track of nine years journey to a tool of visuals  collector  for better information of planet Pluto or that’s presence in our solar system , it is nothing after magic of science in  my view . we know it have taken nine years of a team , that team have lost and missed much more of their own life but they have been gave a right information to our world family about planet Pluto that is in our solar system with lots of provable records  in visuals or other observation data’s . it will help to our next generation of planet earth . NASA and Team of Research Planet Pluto  have completed a very historical work for our future science education , it is not forgettable work of science .. because science had  showed patience  in this long time project for knowledge of our world family .  


So as a art master ( visual art ) I said here science had showed patience of nine years for visual art …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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