Thursday, September 03, 2015

Art Vibration - 395

Farm Hut Convert In Farm Gate

File Photo of  Farm Hut -2012
In year 2012 , I were joined to our family farming work as a art master , I were taken that farming work as a art work or I did that work as a art work and I am doing it today  . For your notice I have shared few posts on this art vibration , I sure  you have been  noticed that when I were posted that . 

2012 to till 2015 in this  four  year  I were completed many exercise of farming work and many farming work I have exposed like a true art work or natural art work  through this art vibration  with  you time to time . 

In this chain work of farming , today I want to share a one more artistic story with  you for your notice , for me it is a true work and exercise of art /design . in year 2012 I were fixed a iron hut structure  in our farm . that artistic iron hut structure was designed by friend of  my late great grandfather Shri Bulaki Das Purohit . he was lived  in that hut when he was doing farming work, his thought was very creative so he was designed a folding hut by iron pipes . his creativity is reflect  in me so I am master of Art today by academic art education or by family DNA . 

Iron Gate Design  by me  2015

Iron worker is making to gate design at his workshop
In last three years that hut is not support to our farm keeper because that hut cover ( cloth ) was damaged by time attacked . so that iron hut structure was useless  in our farmland . in that hut design or structure I did faced some technical mistakes by designer . Because fresh air was not coming  in that hut after that cover cloth  . so that hut was not comfort for any one .  last year I were thought for a new design about  that iron hut structure . I saw a iron gate of our farm in  my vision . 

so I planned a new design. I were converted to that iron hut structure  in form of farm gate . last week  I were went to our farm land there to I were collected  that iron hut structure and came home . 

In studio I were designed a design of iron gate with proper measurement of gate size , when design was completed,  I were shared that design with iron worker .  you can say he is  my friend he know I am designer and art worker . that iron worker gave respect to  my design and he was accepted  my  offer . Actually I did guided to him by design and he was followed  to my design for creation of iron gate by  iron hut pipes .

iron Gate is in process of Painting  at home of myself 2015

 In two day’s  he was converted to hut structure  in form of iron gate and submitted  to me . in home I were painted that because it is  my first job of art painting,  without any drawing  direct paint  on my 3D design object . in two layer I did painted first red oxide and then black oil paint. 

Final design in form of gate ..2015

Over all in a one week I were saw how to a design and creative idea can convert to a object in different form or look . it was hard and live exercise for me or for that iron worker . that iron hut structure was created  a creative exercise for me and I were created a creative exercise for that iron worker . it was a great job for us ..

Final stage of  this project .. the iron gate is fix at boundary  of farmland  2015

I saw a farm hut was converted in form of gate in a one week by some art and physical exercise of human mind or body . 

 So here I said farm hut convert in farm gate ….

Yogendra  Kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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