Thursday, September 17, 2015

Art Vibration - 397

Live Scketch of M.F.Hussain 

Live Sketch of Sir M.F. Hussain by me At  Jaipur - 2004 
Today is birthday of painter M.F.Hussain . I respect to his art energy because in  his life he was dedicated all time of his life to painting. I know he was created some critical work he was played with  emotions of social peoples . that was not in art side  but as a painter he was a honest painter so I respect to his art energy. 

In  my masters I were read many chapters on art work of Hussain . when I were in BFA painting  in that time  my one late art teacher was told to me for copy work of painting of Artist Hussain . I were said sorry to him with this kind of Hindi words * Mai Kisi Kalakar ke pet pe laat nahi mar sakta Sir *  ( I can’t kick to stomach of any artist  so sorry Sir ..) I did not copy to painting of Hussain or any other artist in this art journey . 

In year 2004 Date 11- 4 – 2004 . I were went to a cinema hall with  my close friend  Artist Sanjay Verma , he told me Artist M.F. Hussain will launched his second art film Minakshi from Jaipur , it will  his first premium show . by bad luck that was last show of  Minakshi from hussain . but I was lucky because I saw his big time canvas ( 2 to 3 hours long painting in virtual frame of cinema )  . that day I talked to M.F. Hussain and I were demanded to him a sketch on  my sketch book  but he said no sketch the time is for watch so  you must watch now. But he was gave me his single sign in English . 

Sign of Sir  M.F. Hussain  on  my sketchbook - 2004

There in cinema hall I were watched  his complete film then Husaain sir asked to all viewers in Hindi KESI LAGI YE PAINTING ..i were not gave answer because I were busy in live sketch of sir Hussain , he was again asked to me how is the film then I said nice sir fine work of  yours thanks for share . 

In that movement he was noticing to sound of  my pencil line or sketching because the cinema hall was in full of peace . he was  noticed to  my art sound after his art presentation . but I were not share his live  sketch with him in that movement . because media person was not leaved to him alone . 

Today that live art story is come back in  my vision through my memory data . because our world search engine GOOGLE .COM is remember to Sir M.F. Hussain  on his birthday . Google have updated a painting on Google search  page that painting look is just like my live sketch of Sir Hussain ( year 11-4-2004 ) so that appealing painting was pushed me in my past memory , because I were connected live to Sir M.F. Hussain  in  my real life . in that short movement I were learned lots of and what I am I did expressed  in front side of a very strong art energy person Sir Hussain. 

Update Painting on google search engine page with image of Sir M.F. Hussain on his birthday . 2015 

So I want to say thanks to Google search engine team , by a painting image update , they were recalled to  my past art story . that is connected to late great Art master Sir M.F. Husaain . 

I were lived his great art energy  in a day and I were saved his live motion or action in form of a live  sketch . ( that complete Story I have shared on this art vibration in past post ) 

So here  I said it -  live sketch of M.F. Hussain..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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MF Hussain is one of the greatest Painter of India ... Happy bday Hussain Sir...

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