Friday, September 11, 2015

Art Vibration - 396

A True Observer
Can True Promoter

Friend today morning I were received a caption message on my  Hike mobile network . It was morning message . that message was from Thinker Henry J. Kaiser ,  he told “ WHEN YOUR WORK  SPEAKS FOR ITSELF , DON’T INTERRUPT …!  It is true and acceptable caption.
 I can say it because true observer always working with his /her observation on others growth and improvement. in our culture we are saying to them critics and literature person or thinker too. Over all they all are living to cultural philosophy  in his vision and they observe in other that same philosophy for future development . 

They are playing the role in our society as a guide or master’s. In history we have lots of example and unlimited masters name for our guide line of present and future structure. If they are observer then they are right promoter of right work .  

 I am saying it because last eight year’s to I am living this kind of people in  my art journey . someone are continue busy in their observation  and in their observation  my work and art practice have special  reservation . it is good luck  point for me or  my art journey because they are sharing their time for me or  my art activity .

 I know I were not met to them live in  my art life or may be in future I will not meet to them  but today in present  time I am connecting to them  by this communication center , we are calling to it  online network, web world and internet . 

2008 to till today 2015 I am continue update on  this online communication center  through facebook, google, twitter, linkedin, yahoo. Gmail and some more online networks .here I am updating every day my art practice in form of visual art . 

Every day lots of art lover’s  and art observes  are observing to  my visual art and they notice to my art practice then they said some kind words , someone like to  my art visuals and someone promote to my visual images from their own online network pages  .

When they promote to me in that movement they are giving me more responsibility about visual art and they are also give me lots of confidence about my art practice . because they are promoting to me in front of our world with  my name or art work . 

This kind of promotion is giving me more energy and  art duty .. it is true . because  I am true about  my art journey. 

Here a one name I want to share with  you for  your notice . I were connected to that art promoter in year 2009 – 10  on facebook page . his name is  Sir Jose Ramon Barreto EL Ambato from Argentina . Sir Jose is very senior person of our world art family  and he is always promoting to creative persons of our world from his facebook page . by luck his is continue observing  to  my art practice and time to time he is promoting to  my creative work from his wall page of facebook . 

So I have lots of regard for him . his true art observation and his art promotion work is giving me more dedication about  my art journey . I can say I have created a true art relation with him from  my art energy and his art soul is blessing on   my art journey . his blessing is in form of his true art promotion of  my art practice . 

Today I got one more true art observer and promoter about me or  my art journey . Artist Fernando Cabral today he was updated  my art work from his wall of facebook network and he did wrote some kind words from his observation  on  my art work . 

He wrote it  in his own language . I were translated  it in English for  you 

Sigo o trabalho de Yogendra Kumar Purohit há já uns dois ou três anos. Criou um universo muito próprio, inicialmente a preto e branco, depois começou a adicionar cor e agora colagens. As "personagens" essas têm-se mantido. Muito bom.
( In English after translation )

Follow the work of Yogendra Kumar Purohit there are already some two or three years. Has created a universe very own, initially the black and white, then began to add color and now Collages. The 'characters' these have remained. Very good.

So I am thankful for  my all observer and promoters because they are giving me more energy plus a right path of my art journey from their observation or  promotion ..

So here I said A true observer can true promoter …

Yogendra  kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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